Does anyone have the travel logistics.....

Discussion in 'Football' started by SCarolinaCy, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Does anyone have the travel logistics of ISU getting to Hartford and back. Numbers of people? Departure/arrival times? Charter? Cost?
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    well there are 70 players that travel, coaches and ga's , rhoads personal protector, probably around five video staff, 12-15 managers, maybe 5-8 trainers/medical staff, a couple athletic department officials, 10 or so dance team/cheerleaders (at least that's how many it looks like we take) and CY, and maybe a couple guests.

    They charter a 737 I know. Usually leave around 1-2 the day before the game and take off 2 hours or so after the game.

    This is all a estimate from what I have heard from a friend that works for the team.

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