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    With Shayok, Haliburton and THT, we have more length on D than I can remember, much less length on the perimeter.

    I absolutely love Haliburton’s game. He is smart and plays with a ton of positive energy. He is going to be a problem for opposing backcourts.

    Shayok is the same.

    I was also very impressed with THT on the defensive end. He played/plays (?) much more disciplined on the defensive end than I expected.

    I can’t leave out Jacobson. Really like the way he plays too.

    Love the energy of these guys. In my opinion, that (positive) energy is one thing thing we were missing last year.

    I’m not deluding myself yet. I don’t think Missouri is even close to good, but these guys suffocated them, and won going away despite being pretty bad offensively for almost an entire half.

    I’m encouraged.
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    Babb is big for a pg, too, and Talley our longest perimeter player. Rebounding and defense should be good.
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