Bug Defect: Drop down menues hidden after first refresh

Discussion in 'Bug Tracking and Enhancement Requests' started by IowaCYcler, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Jun 1, 2006
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    Drop down menues hidden after first refresh
    Defect Category
    Home Page
    Browers Tested
    • Internet Explorer v10
    Detailed Description
    Upon site opening I can select the 5 menu tabs under the CF Logo (Forums-Football-Basketball-Contributors-About Us) and be able to see and select everything in the drop down menu. Everytime I go to select somthing again the drop down menus are hidden behind the next tab bar under the advertising bar and I can not select some of the drop down options with out the drop down closing again.

    If I refresh the site I can get into the drop downs again.

    Aaron Gesell

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