CyHawk Series - Volleyball Edition

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Sep 16, 2007
Ames, IA
In general, I think it is pretty ****** to boo college athletes that you say you support. But booing after service errors seems even more stupid. Do you think the players are trying to have a bad serve? Do you think they don't realize that service errors are bad? Do you think that the boos actually help.

It's not like the players are like "I thought these errors were no big deal, but now that some ******* fans are booing me, I've decided to stop making those mistakes."
I was there last night - where was this "booing" that's being referred to? I'm in row 6, along the court, and heard nothing. It was a tremendous crowd. Of course, without the service errors, Iowa wouldn't have been close in any set.


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Aug 9, 2010
My comments (and I was there):

1. I thought the crowd was great; nice to see so many fans in support of program.
2. While IA is likely not the best team, I predict they will be better each year given the new coach.
3. Saben was a beast - totally impressive; glad she's on our side and only a sophomore.
4. Service errors gave IA a lot of points - 6 in first set, alone, plus about another 5 (by my memory) in 2nd & 3rd set. IA had the same problem, just not as many. We need to work on this. Successful teams can give away points.
5. Nice to see so many players in the games.
6. Lots of room to improve but potential is there.


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Apr 11, 2006
I was at the match and heard no booing from the crowd. We just crushed the bison this morning .


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Sep 3, 2009
Thought schabens passing looked better in the back row than it has. Not sure how I feel about switching libero around.


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Feb 8, 2010
Bowling Alley
Do I boo? No. Was I there? No, nor could I hear it. I would be the coach throwing my clipboard through the floor, type person. Is it ethical from a fan standpoint at an amateur event? No. Do they have a right to do it? Yeah, they paid their money for a ticket. I sat on the fence in my earlier post. I would figure these "booer's are so few, they'd be shamed into silence by the nonparticipants around them. If there is a chorus of booing, that's a different deal. There's a problem on the floor.

I think some of it was how bad the actual serves were. I mean, some of those balls didn't have a chance. It'd be like air-balling a free throw. You know they've done it their whole careers, they practice it all the time, and that's what they did. It's frustrating, but I do not condone that reponse.

Where is the ^&%$# match on Cy.TV right now? I will boo that, very strongly!!!!


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Sep 3, 2009
solid sweep handled almost entirely by the bench.

Lazard led the blocking which was again quite strong. I expect she may take the spot from West as her hitting is also getting more accurate. Bailey with a great match though she left a bit early with a bloody nose. Probably would have 10-11 kills otherwise. She's got the power but you can CJL has said the accuracy needs to improve. She was better this afternoon than the earlier match.

I've also been impressed by Hillegas. Very solid back row player. Nice to see Kiel get some time.

I get to watch them in person next weekend and looking forward to it!