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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by every_yard, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I am looking at getting some paint in Iowa State colors. I am wanting the four colors in our logo (the Cardinal, Cardinal Shade, Gold, & Gold Shade). I got the RGB codes for these colors off, but how am I able to get paint in these colors. Will any stores be able to mix paint based off the RGB numbers or will I need to bring something in to the store that they can match the color off of (a shirt, poster, or something along those lines). I would prefer to be able to use the RGB code...just b/c I think I would be able to get a more accurate color based off that, but I'm not sure if any places do that.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you go to Home Depot, Glidden has a whole booklet full of official colors for NCAA, NBA and NFL teams. I have gotten two of the four ISU colors there. I know they were able to get me the correct colors in Behr paint as well.

    I'm guessing other home improvement stores will also have something similar.
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    I'll chime in as I just painted my home office Cardinal Red and went through the ordeal.

    I didn't have any luck with a store matching the RGB values, or the Pantone number. You do have a couple of options, though.

    -Since the colors are specified with PMS (Pantone) numbers as well, you can go to and get paint that EXACTLY matches the color. However, it's not cheap.

    -You can go to the store with something "close" and hope they can match it

    -There is a website that will compare the RGB values to various types of commercial paint and give you the delta-E value. From there you can find the colors you want. I can find it when I get home and PM it to you, if you like.
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    Sherwin Williams has the true colors for Iowa State.

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