*** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Sweet Sixteen***


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Jul 13, 2008
Nevada, IA
For Future tournaments, if I can work with committee to populate the 64 teams ahead of time, filling out as we go isn’t a lot of work.

Appreciate your efforts. I can only do so much and now with these tournaments I have no offseason from my cf responsibilities so I need all the help I can get.


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May 18, 2008
As a youthful 35-year-old, I feel I can speak on behalf of the CF fans that were born nearly a decade after Raging Bull was released:

1. Literally haven't seen any of these so I can't comment. Probably has something to do with the newest of these being 34 years old.

2. Rudy simply isn't a good movie. Happy Gilmore is masterful. Sorry to break this news to you.

3. I had never heard of Eight Men Out before this tournament and Major League is fantastic.

Lastly, Caddyshack is so much better than Sandlot it isn't even funny. Anyone voting for the latter is voting purely for nostalgia.
Raging Bull is a masterpiece. I was shocked that it lost. I do like Rudy, it was a really solid flick, but Happy Gilmore was hilarious. Not as funny as some other movies that got knocked out already (BASEketball and Kingpin), though. Caddyshack vs The Sandlot is the hardest matchup in any tournament we have had. I love them both, and after a lot of thinking about it, gave my vote to Caddyshack.

Field of Dreams is an excellent movie, but if it weren't filmed in Iowa, would it be making a trip to the Elite 8?


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Nov 15, 2011
Happy Gilmore knows what it's doing and does it very well.

Rudy imo is better than a lot of other biopic but it's also pretty blah.
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