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Discussion in 'Football' started by cayin, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Check out the CyHawk team from Miller and Deace on KXNO's site. Iowa had 10 of the 11 defensive starters. The only one I disagree with is they did not have David Sims. Greenwood and Sash were the safety's. The only bright spots for ISU was ARob and 3 O-line starters.
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    Can't really argue with a lot of their decisions. The only area that Iowa looks weak at on the defense is LB and we're looking at three new starters ourselves. Also, some of our best players were hurt last year like Money, Parker and Benton so it's really hard to put them on the team when you didn't see much of them last year.
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    Yeah, I heard that this morning. I too think you absolutely have to find a way to get Simms in there. I expect him to be even better this year.

    Imagine if we still had Haughton. I know we will still have a good line, but think about what it could have been! I hate "what-ifs". Which I why I despise injuries so much. Id rather flat out suck than have a "what if".
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    heard this morning as well... Id trade Greenway for David Sims, and I would trade Koulionhos sp? for one of our other Wide Receivers, thats it.

    i think our linebackers are good, as well as benton etc... but they havnt really done anything of note yet...
  5. cayin

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    Sash and Greenwood had a front 7 in front of them that made their jobs easier. If Sims was on Iowa's team he would beat one of them out for the starting spot. Huge miss on their part. IMO, Sims is the best safety among the two rosters.
  6. Clark

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    It wasn't really a miss because both agreed he was a better player than Greenwood but they went with Greenwood because him and Sash play so well together as a unit. I don't agree with it necessarily, but that was their thought process.
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    That is as stupid a reason as I've heard. Someone should point out that Sims has not been given the opportunity to play with either of Iowa's safeties. He could reasonably play better "as a unit" with either of the other safeties. If they think Greenwood plays so well with Sash, imagine how well Sims could play with Sash. For goodness sakes, these lists are supposed to be made off of achievements, not hypothetical scenarios. If you go that route, your list is pure BS because you can make up hypothetical arguments for starting anyone.
  8. hwkwyld

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    Here's the list via KXNO and Miller's reasoning for Greenwood over Sims via Hawkeye Nation

    QB: Rick Stanzi: Proven leader, late game deliveries, 18-4 as starter
    RB: Alexander Robinson: Underrated by national talking heads and publications
    WR: DJK
    WR: Marvin McNutt
    WR: Darius Reynolds: Steve said one of Reynolds, Darius Darks or Sed Johnson
    TE: Colin Franklin
    OL: Riley Reiff, Julian Vandervelde, Kelechi Osemele, Alex Alvarez and Ben Lamaak

    DE: Adrian Clayborn
    DE: Broderick Binns
    DL: Christian Ballard
    DL: Karl Klug
    LB: Jeff Tarpinian
    LB: Tyler Nielsen
    LB: Jeremiha Hunter
    CB: Leonard Johnson
    CB: Shaun Prater
    FS: Brett Greenwood
    SS: Tyler Sash

    15 Hawkeyes, 7 Cyclones

    Returners: L Johnson, David Sims, DJK
    PK: Daniel Murray
    P: Ryan Donahue

    Des Moines' Sports Station - 1460 KXNO

    FS: Brett Greenwood: David Sims is not going to start at strong safety over Tyler Sash, but Deace felt he was good enough to be in the top four on the back end. But Greenwood will be a third year starter for Iowa and while Sims may shine brighter individually, Greenwood is as cagey veteran and gets the nod. - Jon Miller

    The Cy-Hawk Team | Hawkeye Nation
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    Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of making such an "all-star" team? By that logic, all of Iowa's defense should be listed, because they play better as a unit than ISU defense.

    Anyway, Sims is every bit as good as Sash. Just because Sash was the recipient of a half dozen or so gifts from AA last year doesn't make him a better player.

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