MLB: Cubs send Colvin to Iowa

Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by CYdTracked, May 17, 2011.

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    Chicago Cubs: Tyler Colvin sent to minors -

    No surprise, he needs to play consistently to get out of the funk he is in and doing it in Iowa is the only way. I'm skeptical about calling Campana up though, he's played well but just how much is he really going to play as a 5th outfielder? A guy like that needs to stay in Iowa to continue his development with regular at bats.

    Reed Johnson has been playing well lately and getting a few starts as the 4th OF already which already was taking away from Colvin's at bats. I guess there aren't many options on the 40 man roster at OF, you have Fernando Perez who is barely hitting .200 right now so they'd have to make a move in order to add someone like Brad Snyder or Bryan LaHair to the 40 man.
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    I like how Campana has 8 stolen bases. Maybe he can be used as a pinch runner in some situations. I can't remember the last time the Cubs had a team with good speed. I think Castro leads the team with 4 stolen bases, and no on else has more than 2.

    Also saw in the linked article that Cashner felt some pain during rehab and is getting an MRI. That puts even more pressure on Wells to get back soon. Doug Davis is serviceable, and at least Coleman can pitch more than 4 innings without giving up 6 runs (which is more than Russel or Berg can say). But if they can get Wells back in the rotation they will be in much better shape. Is just hard to go on any sort of streak with only 3 true major league ready starters (with none of them being a true ace).
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    Surprised it took this long...

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