Colts favorites to win next years Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by hurdleisu24, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Sep 13, 2008
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    One bad pass by Peyton Manning hasn't cost the Indianapolis Colts any cachet.
    Manning and the Colts are favored to win next year's Super Bowl, according to odds released Monday by
    Indianapolis is a 7-1 favorite to take home the NFL championship, followed by the San Diego Chargers (8-1), New Orleans Saints (9-1) and the New England Patriots (10-1).
    The St. Louis Rams, coming off a 1-15 season, are the longest shot on the board at 150-1.
    The Colts were 5-point favorites in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but Drew Brees and the Saints rallied for a 31-17 victory. New Orleans sealed the upset when Tracy Porter intercepted Manning's pass and returned it for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.
    Indianapolis is 3-1 to get back to the Super Bowl, while New Orleans is 5-1.
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    A couple of things...

    I like how all the pundits say that Peyton hurt his status as the Best in the League...? I would be willing to bet that if there was a All NFL Player Draft tomorrow, everyone starting over from scratch, Peyton Maning would be the #1 pick....

    I also like how everyone thinks Sean Payton is the New "Genius" in the NFL right now. If the 4th down play had backfired, New Orleans did not get the onside kick, those 2 coupled with his poor play calling on the 1st (4 plays) at the goal line earlier in the game, he would just be a dumb Coach...

    This is no way is any rip on New Orleans, Drew Brees, Sean Payton, or Peyton Manning just all the experts that can tell you how Great you are, or how Bad you are after the game and they get to write their columns or host their TV and Radio shows.
  3. tman24

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    Feb 6, 2008
    These experts also said the Colts would win the Super Bowl and we all know how that ended up.
  4. hurdleisu24

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    Sep 13, 2008
    New York
    Indianapolis 13-to-2
    New Orleans 7-1
    Dallas 15-2
    New England 17-2
    San Diego 17-2
    Green Bay 19-2
    Minnesota 11-1
    Pittsburgh 12-1
    N.Y. Jets 14-1
    N.Y. Giants 15-1
    Philadelphia 18-1
    Atlanta 20-1
    Tennessee 22-1
    Baltimore 24-1
    Chicago 28-1
    Miami 30-1
    Houston 30-1
    Cincinnati 35-1
    Arizona 40-1
    Denver 45-1
    Jacksonville 45-1
    San Francisco 45-1
    Washington 50-1
    Cleveland 60-1
    Carolina 60-1
    Detroit 80-1
    Seattle 80-1
    Buffalo 100-1
    Kansas City 125-1
    Oakland 125-1
    Tampa Bay 125-1
    St. Louis 150-1

    I wonder if the Vikings odds are with Farve?
  5. acrozier22

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    Slim to none?
  6. hurdleisu24

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    Sep 13, 2008
    New York
    I guess if Farve doesn't come back then the Vikes go to about 22-1 odds.

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