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    Coach Fennelly has proven to be a great coach, and has made WBB into a solid program. Every player is different, and every team is different. Yet, Fennelly has been able to make the Cyclones competitive most years. "Coaching style" is a big part of sports at all levels. Recruiting players to fit a coach's style becomes very important. But, players leave the program, go pro, get injured, are suspended, go through slumps, etc. We, as Cyclone fans, know very well that things don't always work out the way they were planned. Fennelly showed this year that he can adapt and change his plan to fit the players he has, and still find success. Fennelly is similar to Tim Floyd, in my opinion. Very creative defensively, and squeezes as much as he can out of every player. Also, a bit firey on the sidelines. I realize coaches can only do so much, and players still need to make plays. The "Twister Sisters" deserve a lot of credit for their success. I guess my point is that having a "style" or basic plan is obviously important. However, being able to adapt that to best use the players on the team is just as important.

    It is unfair to say whether any of the other Cyclone coaches will be successful or not. I think we all hope they can, but, they are all relatively new. Christy Johnson was able to deal with injuries to starters, players changing positions, and new/young players in key roles and found success for the volleyball team the past two years. So maybe she is showing signs of becoming a great coach. It has been well established that ISU's collection of coaches are all good people. Their specific style is also a major topic. Hopefully, as they grow at ISU and grow as coaches, they will be able to establish a winning style and be able to mold that style around the players each year.

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