CMC has two more wins than CPR at this point in their tenure.

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Oct 10, 2012
grundy center
Through 52 games:

CPR: 24-28
Home: 15 wins (12 losses)
Home vs ranked: 1 win (8 losses)
Away vs ranked: 3 wins (7 losses)
Bowls: 1 win NR Minnesota (2 losses NR Tulsa, NR Rutgers)
Conference: 12 wins (20 losses)
VS Iowa: 2-2

CMC: 26-26
Home: 16 wins (11 losses)
Home vs ranked: 3 wins (6 losses)
Away vs ranked: 2 wins (5 losses)
Bowls: 1 win #19 Memphis (2 losses #15 ND, #12 Wazzu)
Conference: 18 wins (18 losses)
VS Iowa: 0-4
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Oct 8, 2008
This is a turning point in Iowa State football history. This week right here.

We either recede to our historical mediocrity, or ascend to the highest heights we've ever seen.
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Jan 21, 2010
Are people serious about what they are insinuating? Personally, I have enjoy the Campbell era thus far more than the Rhoads era during the same time-frame, and here's why:

1. Rhoads failed to win more than 3 conference games in a single season
2. Campbell has beaten every Big XII foe
3. Campbell has three victories over top 10 opponents (2 more than Rhoads)
4. From 2017-2019, ISU went 10-1 in month of October
5. ISU made the Alamo bowl under Campbell
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Nov 15, 2011
I thought in the other thread it's kind of a scary number but if there's more distance in wins a couple of months, it's whatever although looking like **** to start each season should really change at some point.

If the records are similar after this season (ISU won 3 games in 2013 including just some absolute thrashings) then it's worth asking some questions.
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