Caffeine addiction

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    Ihave linked an article that lists a number of similarities between caffeine and cocaine.

    Some other findings:

    Pregnant women who consume 200 milligrams of caffeine or more per day (that’s less than one Tall Starbucks drip coffee or three six-ounce cups of traditional coffee) are more than twice as likely to have a miscarriage as those who don’t use any.

    Too much caffeine during gestation may also contribute to low birth weights in children and result in babies born with a caffeine dependence.

    Large daily doses may also be a factor in female infertility.

    Drinking coffee before breakfast could cause blood-glucose levels to rise sharply, which can be dangerous for people with type 2 diabetes.

    Drinking large amounts of caffeine has been found to exacerbate osteoporosis.

    And remember just one cup of coffee in the morning can be harmful (according to the linked article).

    The Breakfast Manifesto - The Coffee Junkie's Guide to Caffeine Addiction -- New York Magazine
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    They probably think beer is bad for you too...
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    What is bad and unhealthy is when I do not get my morning joe.

    My kids even can recognize when I need a cup. Do not, do not think I am going to stop drinking this stuff.

    My doc tried to get me to stop drinking it once, my wife called him and asked what he could be thinking. When that did not work my wife called his wife and told her to tell him to find a different solution. Apparently I was somewhat irritable.
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    The sad thing is, I figured this out on my own :no:

    I've had a few migrains in college, and started taking note of what was different in the day or two leading up to them. I noticed I always got them after drinking large quanities of soda in a day (aka pulling an all nighter), then not drinking any what-so-ever the next day to cleanse my system.

    I also sometimes get lesser headaches when I just don't drink any soda in a day...
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    What I find funny is all these people addicted to energy drinks. They chug them one after the other, and say they need them to keep going. Here is a thought, give them all up, have a bottle of water and a piece of fruit you will feel better. All their loss of energy is from being chronically dehydrated.

    Disclaimer: I love diet coke, but I can go days without it and not have issues.

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