Budget Cuts, Title IX, and FBS Requirements

Discussion in 'General College Sports' started by bfross, Nov 8, 2011.

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    The thread about dropping wrestling got me thinking about Title IX, budget cuts, and the effect it has on eligibility.

    Take ISU for example. We have 7 Men's sports: Basketball, Football, Cross Country, Wrestling, Golf, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and 11 Women's sports (assuming indoor and outdoor track seasons count as two separate sports like they do in men's athletics): Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Swimming and Diving, Golf, Gymnastics, and Cross Country. That's 18 total sports.

    The FBS eligibility requirements state that you have to field at least 16 varsity programs including football and must also field at least 6 men's sports and 8 women's sports. With Title IX in place, if budget cuts forced us to cut another program, it would have to be a men's sport. That means it would probably be either golf (my money would be there, but I don't know how much that shaves off the budget anyway), wrestling, or cross country.

    The reason I put this into its own thread is that if we were to drop another men's sport like wrestling, we would only be at the minimum to maintain FBS eligibility. That's not a good spot to be in.

    You'd think budget cuts across the country would be backing schools into corners like this with options to either move revenue from revenue producing sports to non-revenue producing ones just to maintain eligibility, or to drop their football to FCS (not an attractive option for any current FBS team).

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