Brett McMurphy article on possibilities for 2020 football season


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Jun 2, 2016
If we're stuck at home till fall our economy will be in such a tank we won't even care about football. It will be the end of life as we know it from economics standpoint.

I will share my can of SPAM with you.


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Jun 30, 2012
Not optimistic about football next fall; even tho already have renewed tickets, parking pass. Looks like University is very cautious about this pandemic.

My son has his senior recital this Saturday, big deal for music majors. Originally we booked gateway hotel rooms for family and had a block for friends, party room planned with open bar for those ubering and staying; and party amenities so he could invite friends and his professors. When we got back from 5 week vacation in Feb, cancelled everything including family flying in from NC, due to corona, the gateway is closed btw now..
So anyway recital is in recital hall in music building, 300 seats. Thought local family(3 people) and his mother and I could go with social distancing. Got email from University that would not be possible, I swore as an Alum we would all wear masks, no go. So the kid gets to perform in a 300 seat recital hall with his major professor and accompanist only. Pretty high restrictions, not even Mom or Dad can go to see him live, get to "live Stream and everyone video conference after:(:rolleyes:


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Oct 9, 2006
Marion, IA
I'd echo the above comments comparing US to China. First, there numbers are most likely wrong. Secondly they have no problem trampling human and civic rights to get results.

When Wuhan went under lock down Govt authorities would come into your house. If one of your children had a fever they would take the child and put it in quarantine, with or without your blessing. They had drones with cameras patrolling the streets to enforce stay at home orders. And their definition of "essential business and travel" is about 10% of what ours is.

While these measures were probably somewhat effective they would never fly here in the US.