Big Ten view of ISU?

Discussion in 'Big XII Conference' started by CyValley, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Seems to me ISU would fit with the Big Ten like hand into glove, with one exception.

    How we fit:

    * Academically - Unlike Nebraska, we are a member of the elite association of 60 research institutions, membership in which is prized by the Big Ten universities (don't recall the name of the association). Overall academically, do we not measure up to Big Ten standards?

    (Could it be a bonus that our athletics department takes pride our football team leading the Big 12 in GPA and graduation [is that accurate?] and student-athlete academic performance generally?)

    * Our Olympic sports programs are doing well -- was it last year or the year before we finished in the 30s in the all-sports tabulations? In direct competition with Big Ten member Iowa, we're on a par competitively (Cy-Hawk competition as an example; ui has nothing on us).

    * Hilton Coliseum has the requisite seating, correct? Isn't capacity similar to Michigan's Chrysler arena, Purdue's Mackey arena, and others?

    * The football complex is quality, with the indoor practice facility and the new football complex being built. JTS has undergone important improvements, and others are on the horizon.

    * ISU fans travel, and this could be important. We're a fanatic fan base, one that highly supports its teams. Football bowl operations know this; it could figure in Big Ten calculations. And, let's mention here that the wbb program annually ranks in the top 5 in national attendance. And mbb season tickets, we're gonna have a packed Hilton this winter, correct?

    * Geographically, with Nebraska as the western outpost, we're already inside the Big Ten boundary footprint. If Olympic sports travel expenses come into play (a minor consideration, I suppose) when figuring future conference members, we're a natural.

    How we might not fit:

    * Football tradition, thus branding. Likely, this is the only reason Nebraska is a Big Ten member today, so it looms large. Although, the Big Ten people will know we're 8-6 over Iowa in the last 14 football meetings, and with a finger on the pulse of college football, they will know that ISU has the ability to become ever more competitive under the leadership of the AD and football coach.

    JTS would not be the smallest capacity Big Ten stadium, correct? What do Minnesota, Indiana, and Northwestern average these days? And, with Big Ten revenue sharing, we'd likely move to 65,000 capacity sooner rather than later.

    (How big was Saturday's win as conference re-alignment waters begin to roil again? How about if we can move our football record to 3-0, then 4-0?)


    So, how well would we or wouldn't we fit into the Big Ten Conference if re-alignment movement forces the Big Ten to look at expanding? The stuff above is off the top of my head; I'll bet others here have thought through this issue with far better analysis. I'd sure like to be privy to your thinking. Thanks.
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    Our record has no bearing.
  3. Judoka

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    We fit in great, but we would never get an invite. We don't bring any new TV markets.
  4. BooneCy

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    TV Markets - The Big Ten owns the state of Iowa already. We add nothing to their TV markets and add minimal to increased eyes to the advertisers who make the Big Ten profitable.
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    I think ISU fits in the Big Ten, but it won't ever happen. To be fully honest, the Big Ten will only expand, if Notre Dame is willing to join. Other than that, Delany is comfortable at 12.
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    I posted this earlier in another thread-

    Here is something that I found interesting in regards to college academic rankings:

    College Rankings right here:

    Big 12
    15. Texas A&M
    19. Texas
    68. Iowa State
    80. Baylor
    113. Missouri
    145. Oklahoma State
    152. Kansas
    187. Oklahoma
    189. Kansas State
    215. Texas Tech

    Big Ten
    10. Michigan
    29. Wisconsin
    33. Michigan State
    38. Illinois
    42. Ohio State
    45. Minnesota
    47. Penn State
    67. Northwestern
    79. Purdue
    108. Indiana
    126. Iowa
    140. Nebraska
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    your argument would be valid 10 years ago, but times have changed and it is all about the Benjamin's baby
  8. Enginerd

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    I think the Big Twen would consider it but the University of Iowa will never allow it.
  9. cyclonepower

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    ask other teams in the Big 10, if they would like Iowa State in there conference...that should get you your answer
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    BUT, depending upon the division (Legends or Wanna Bs) in which we were placed, it could grant the Hacks another wish ... that is, to avoid playing us (except for the conference championship).
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    Well, they could make us 'protected cross-division rivals', instead of with OMHR as it currently is.

    Anyway, TV markets is one downer for ISU getting in. Assuming (probably correctly), that is what's driving any expansion. For all practical purposes, Iowa's TVs likely have been brought to the Big Ten via the BTN being forced down major carrier's throats in the region. Would I be amiss if I guessed all you Cyclone fans who have cable/satellite have BTN? Of course, you may actually watch it, so I guess if viewership goes up, advertising can go up, etc.

    Academics don't mean crap outside the whole AAU thing unfortunately, and I don't think that's an issue for you guys. That said, even if the presidents of the universities were getting nitpicky about it, you guys aren't bad academically (definitely better than a bunch of Big Ten schools, likely including Iowa, depending on what rankings you look at, athletic grad rates, etc).

    In football, your revenue may be an issue, but it can't seriously be any worse than Indiana, Minnesota, even Purdue or Northwestern, can it? I honestly couldn't care less about the 'sport' of basketball, so I don't know about how you are there. Can't be worse than Iowa's revenue, that's for sure. In the Olympic sports, again, you'd probably be up there with the rest of the league in several of them.

    So, basically, what's holding you back is location. You're in one of the 'those' states, and unfortunately, the Big Ten already has one of the state schools. With this being all about money, being in the state of Iowa isn't the best place to be when it comes to expansion, IMO.
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    I had this conversation with a Hawk fan sitting behind me at the game. (he was knowledgeable and decent fan btw)

    Taking geography, academics, & instituational quality into account ISU is a perfect fit for the Big 10. (it's unfortunate that these factors, which are the original intent of conferences and base of collegiate athletics, are now minor factors) Whatever any Hawk fan may say, Jack Trice was a Big time college football atmosphere on Saturday, and ISU deserves a seat at the BCS table.

    Taking the new primary factors into account, TV sets and $'s, ISU stands no chance. It's really too bad.

    Imagine being able to travel to Nebraska, Minnesota, Wiscosin, NW, & Illinois, all within apx. 5 hours or less. Imagine those fans with a new close conference game to attend. Would be great.
  13. jdoggivjc

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    If Iowa were in the position to be a swing vote in determination of ISU's inclusion into the B1G, they would be politically pressured to do so much in the same way that Virginia was politically pressured to vote for Virginia Tech's inclusion into the ACC. The problem is the assumption is Iowa isn't and won't be in that position anytime soon. IIRC last year Sally Mason said that if there was something she could do to help out ISU, she would do it. Unfortunately she's not in that position.

    As far as never getting into the B1G, never say never. If superconferences came to head, a lot of strong political pressure could shoehorn ISU in, especially if there are strong, credible threats to revoke tax exemption status. Outside of that, though, I just don't know. Perhaps Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, and maybe even Penn St would support our inclusion. Outside of that, without tremendous political pressure, who knows...
  14. GeronimusClone

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    You really don't see basketball as a 'sport'?
    Nothing else you said has any impact on me after seeing that.
  15. nrg4isu

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    This is exactly why I would want ISU in the BIG10 should the B12 go away. This is also exactly why I wouldn't want to see ISU in the BigEast
  16. BigLame

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    How many ISU fans would go to Minny for a game? How many Iowa fans to Mizzou? Putting butts in the seats also increases revenues, while also generating rivalries with adjacent states adds more focus to those games for TV viewing. I know the BTN & TV contracts is larger $, but there is also something to strengthening the conference, top to bottom. If it were entirely about $ (while it is hard to disagree times now are heavily leaning that way), then when all of it hits the fan, the Indiana's & Northwesterns will be gently pushed out in favor of the Texas' & Notre Dame's. But maybe that is where everything is heading.
  17. CyValley

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    All interesting comments, thanks much. Let me approach the topic from another angle.

    If the Big Ten decides to expand to 16 teams, which are the four most likely invitees?

    Kansas - national TV base (hard to imagine KSU getting an invite)
    Who else has the TV pull that would be interested in the Big Ten? Missouri would help, TV sets-wise. Fit wise, would the SEC or Big Ten be most appealing to the Tigers?

    Does Rutgers add enough TV-wise?

    Maybe ISU would have an in as a "filler" -- doesn't add many TVs, but if other big TV candidates aren't available and the Big Ten needs 16. . . .
  18. Cydwinder

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    If the super conferences happen, there is a chance that the non-profit status of many conferences may come into question with how some teams were chosen. This is a really long shot but what if B1G tried to avoid this in the super conference model by adding academic fits that may already be in the conference footprint such as Pitt and ISU. It would make it hard to prove expansion was driven by money only.
  19. cdrake

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    I don't necessarily buy that arguement. The state has about 7-8,000 more graduates from Iowa State than Iowa, and I would guess that there are more Big 8/Big 12 graduates here than Big 10 graduates. Myself, I don't watch the Hawkeyes when they play and root against the Big 10 in general except for Northwestern. When Iowa was in the doldrums at the end of Fry's tenure and the beginning of Ferentzs' I believe the state was about 50/50 for the fan bases and actually leaned towards the Cyclones. Saw the same thing in the 70's. I believe you'll see us as a Cyclone state when it comes to basketball this year and I hope a long ways into the future and we are turning the corner in football.
  20. cyspy

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    This is all about $$$$$, if it was about football Indiana,Northwestern,Duke,Wake Forest,Vanderbilt,Cincinnati among others should be left out too.

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