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Discussion in 'Big XII Conference' started by CylentButDeadly, Sep 24, 2009.

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    I wanted to see what everyone thought of the conference thus far. Based on what I've seen, I think the B12 has looked pretty average to maybe a little below average this season. Clearly, with as much offensive talent as there was in the league last year, it was expected that some teams would take a step back (Mizzou & TTU), but as a whole, the conference has suffered some unexpected/embarrassing losses. Here's how I grade out:


    Kansas: A; They've taken care of business and the offense has been as good as advertised. Reesing, Briscoe, Meier and the rest of done what's expected of them. Conference schedule is a tough one, but they've looked up to par so far.

    Missouri: B; I think we all expected them to take a step back, which they have, but Blaine Gabbert and the defense have been better than expected. I'm still not sure which team we're going to see out of these guys though, the team that walloped Illinois, or the team that struggled with Bowling Green.

    Iowa State: C; We've debated our team ad naseum, but the loss against Iowa and all the turnovers, despite the 2-1 record knock us down to an average grade.

    Nebraska: B-; They blew it at Virginia Tech. The first two games were snoozers, but they took care of business. The defense has looked very good, except for one play at VT. Zac Lee looks like he can manage the offense, but still had some pretty poor throws in the VT game. Roy Helu Jr. & Ndamakong Suh are very talented players.

    Colorado: F; Yes they got the win over Wyoming, but there is no reason this team shouldn't be 3-0 right now, instead of 1-2. Hawkins is on the hot seat big time, and if this team doesn't turn it around and go bowling, heads will roll.

    Kansas State: F+; We knew they would struggle, but I thought they'd be 2-1 at this point, and not 1-2. They at least put together an acceptable effort at UCLA, but the offense has looked terrible and guys are clearly having trouble adjusting to Snyder's agenda.


    Texas: B+; They're 3-0, which is where we all thought they'd be, but they struggled for a half against Wyoming and didn't put away a TTU squad by as much as we expected. This team is a 3-headed monster right now in McCoy, Shipley & Kindle, but not much else. Mark my word, these guys will lose at least 1 conference game.

    Texas A&M: C+; I put these guys in a bowl before the season and I still think they'll get to 6-6, but they still have issues on defense. These guys are a year away from being a pretty decent football team.

    Oklahoma: C+; You can't overlook the loss to BYU. For a team as talented as OU is, you still have to win that game. Landry Jones is going to be a good one, but this team needs Bradford back. Don't count these guys out. I think with a healthy Bradford, they're the best team in the conference. You can go down their roster and pick out 4-6 guys that could be drafted in the first round.

    Oklahoma St: C-; The win against Georgia was nice, and after watching UGA play the last couple weeks, I think that win will look better as the year goes on. Houston was a huge eye opener and they didn't come back and trounce Rice like I expected them to. From the neck down, these guys can play with anyone. If they can get it figured out mentally, they still could be in for a dream season.

    Baylor: C+; Great win to open the season against Wake Forrest, but what happened against UCONN? That game wasn't even close. We heard all off-season about how these guys were going to a bowl and then they lay that egg, at home? They're improved, but it still looks like Baylor football.

    Texas Tech: B; Next guy in, as they would say. These guys are still going to a bowl game. Not nearly as good as they were last year, but they'll still be bowling. Could pull an upset or two, but likely will also have a bad loss somewhere.

    Like I said, the conference as a whole has looked pretty average so far, but I expect the conference season to be another exciting year in the B12 and for the B12 to remain one of the top 3 conferences in college football.
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    Mostly agree. I might give the Cornholers a B+ because they were on the road at a higher ranked team and still played well.
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    You're probably right. They're one play away from being 3-0 and an A in my book.
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    I might flip flop grades for OSU and Baylor (Baylor's run defense is awful and perhaps Houston isn't that bad of a program).

    I agree on OU, that loss to BYU looks very ugly (espcially after their drubbing by FSU last week).

    Missouri might be the surprise team to date.

    I might bump Nebraska up to a B borderline B+ (what, you expected me to give them an A++++ :jimlad:?). Their defense, minus one play has been stellar this year and as expected, i'm still waiting for a stud to emerge at WR. Niles Paul has looked good the last 2 games and may be that stud.
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    I would switch the grades for Texas and Kansas. Texas is the best team in the league and has already avenged last seasons loss. Kansas has played well, but has yet to take down a tough conference foe.
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    IMO, right now you are kind to ISU with a C. IMO, we deserve a D with the number of turnovers and penalties in non-con play.

    I can't wait for us to break out....but I have been pleased with the results, just not the play.

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    I am pretty much in agreement with you. I would put us at C-D+ range. We have the record I thought we would have, which is good, but I think all of our eyes have opened up to some inconsistencies we have. I think we can get them shaped up though and finish out ok. It is the 1st year under these coaches and if we win, 3-1 to start it isn't that bad.
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    MU - B+; Done what they need to so far and beat Illinois easily.

    KU - B; Will be able to judge them better after this Saturday. Southern Miss is a team that would fall somewhere in the middle of the North and is very capable of upsetting KU.

    NU - B; One play away from an A. Looks better than I thought they would.

    ISU - D; Can't get hammered at home by Iowa and receive an average grade. They have a chance to move this grade up at Arrowhead.

    KSU - F; Could move up and showed signs of life against UCLA. The old man always seems to make them better. Arrowhead will be huge.

    CU - F; Looked a lot better last week, but no excuse for the two weeks before. O is terrible but D is coming around.

    I don't care about the South.
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    My grades and guesses for what our final standings will look like.


    Nebraska: B+, They are far from being the best in the conference, but I think they will end on top the North. Their loss to VT showed me that they can play with a top ranked team, and if at home they may actually win.

    Kansas: A-, I think that Kansas is the best team in the North, but with their schedule it will be very hard for them to win the North. If Kansas somehow wins the North, it either means that the North is even weaker than expected or that Kansas has a shot at winning the conference.

    Missouri: B-; As impressive as their walloping of Illinois was, Illinois is likely one of the worse teams in a weak Big10. I still think this team has taken a large step back, but they have taken care of business so far and 8 wins is not out of the question.

    Iowa State: C-; I think that the fact that we are 2-1 is remarkable considering how bad we have played at times. If the offense can get going, we could be challenging for Missouri's spot, but right now we appear to be a lock for at least 5 wins and a winnable game over Baylor could provide us our bowl game.

    Colorado: D-; Their lack of defense in the first two games surprised me more than their bad offense. Maybe now that they have shut someone out their defense is working better, but I don't buy it. This team is more talented than KState and for that I give them the nod, but statistical I could see them finishing last with only one win.

    Kansas State: D-; As with Colorado, the fact that they have won one game keeps them from getting a failing mark. I think this team could win a game or two more but it will be a battle between them and Colorado on who's going to finish last.

    Running out of time or I would do the south too, not that anyone cares:wink:
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    Nebraska & Kansas are definitely the two best teams in the North. Kansas has a brutal schedule, however, I think both will go 6-2 in conference play, but one of Nebraska's losses will come @ Lawrence, thus giving KU the crown.

    That being said, it wouldn't shock me if Nebraska lost to KU but still won the North because KU didn't survive the gauntlet of their schedule.
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    Sorry to interrupt the drooling over Kansass, but who exactly have they played thus far to earn an "A"?

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