Big 12 based upon W.I.N. rankings

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    If you go by W.I.N. here are the placings this weekend at the Big 12:

    ISU: 1st-3; 2nd-3; 3rd-2 Higest ranked- Long, Reader, Varner

    OSU: 1st-3; 2nd-4; 3rd-1 Highest ranked - Oliver, Erisman, Rosholt

    OU: 1st-2; 2nd-1; 3rd-4 Highest ranked-Bailey, Terry

    MU: 1st-1; 2nd-1; 3rd-2 Highest ranked - Askren

    NU:1st-1; 2nd-1 Highest ranked - Dwyer

    Looks like it will come down to the end again where Varner will have to beat Brester and hopefully Z will be in it and top Rosholt to claim our 4th straight.
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    The important numbers is the number of qualifiers per weight for the big12. Guys like Varner and Zabriskie aren't the issue in the conference tournament. It's guys that don't have to wrestle above their seed that I'm concerned about. Big12 shouldn't be that competative.

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