BCS Controversy?

Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by Stormin, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Stormin

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    I don't think so. I thought that ESPN hyped up Michigan after their loss to tOSU. The final score showed 3 points but it really wasn't that close. Michigan was down by 11 for quite a while. Scored a TD and 2-point conversion in closing minutes. tOSU recovers onside kick and game is over. In looking at Michigan schedule they have a nice win over a Wisconsin team that has played no one and a nice win over a Notre Dame team that is seriously overrated. Rest of their wins were in a doormat conference.

    If you seriously want to put Michigan in the BCS championship game then put Boise State in. They ARE undefeated against a bunch of nobodys.

    Florida's schedule was the toughest in the nation. While they got lucky in a lot of games, they played a LOT of damn tough teams week in and week out. Much tougher than playing ONE tough team.

    Some on other boards have criticised Jim Walden's ballot in Harris poll. However they fail to criticise the ballot of Ed Podolak.

    Podolak had tOSU, Michigan rated #1 and #2. Wisconsin #4. Wisconsin played NOBODY and Lost to the one good team they played. I think Eddie Podolak must have been drunk again when making out his ballot.
  2. Wesley

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    It wil;l not matter who plays OSU - they will win. People did Michigan a favor: OSU and Michigan can finish one, two. Question then would be who might sneak into 3rd. Louisville? Notre Dame? Could be interesting.
  3. chuckd4735

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    Mar 29, 2006
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    Another problem for Michigan is that the Big 10 does not have a conference championship game or bye-weeks. Florida does have one more win then Michigan did, but that one extra win came in the SEC conference championship game. The Big 10 season just plain ends too soon, and when every other conference in the nation is either having conference championship games, and/or bye-weeks, and is playing 2 weeks after the Big 10's regular season is over, it will always hurt the Big 10 when something like this comes up.
  4. jtdoyle1

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    I wouldn't crown tOSU just yet. I have this feeling in my gut that they are not the elite team that everyone thinks they are.

    They beat Texas in Austin. Good win but Texas isn't as good as everyone thought they were.

    And the Big Ten is way down. That is why 3 teams (tOSU, Michigan, and Wisconsin) can get through the conference with the no loss or only losses coming to on of the those other 2 teams.
  5. Clonehomer

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    Apr 11, 2006
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    My reason for saying Michigan deserved it was that they played tOSU to a 3 point loss at Columbus. According to bookies, a home venue is worth anywhere between 3-5 points. I konw that doesn't mean that Michigan would have won that game if it were on a neutral site because you just don't know. The games that I have watched Florida play they are just not impressive and tOSU is going to wipe the floor with them.

    In the end it looks like the Rose bowl will be a much better game than the title game.

    BTW, anyone else notice the only coach in the Harris poll to put Florida #1. Yep, our good friend Jim Walden. How do you seriously make that pick of Florida over tOSU?

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