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Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by Broodwich, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Arena Football season has started and I wanted to make sure everyone on here knows that the Barnstormers are opening Friday night at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

    The Barnstormers are kicking off the season against the expansion Milwaukee Iron at 7PM.

    Iowa is ranked in the pre-season AF2 Top 16 Coaches Poll at 16th in the league. Milwaukee is ranked 14th. The Iron's roster is padded with a lot of former Green Bay Blizzard players which if you followed the AF2 last season, you know that they were one of the top teams in the Midwest division. Should be a very revealing game on how the Barnstormers will stack up this season.

    If you are interested in watching the game Nifty-TV will again broadcast the Barnstormers opener and all home and away games live, for free on their website:


    All home games will be shown on Mediacom Connections 22.

    Yea. I know goofed on the thread title.
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    I really wish Mediacom would show the road games. I plan on going to quite a few home games!

    It seems last year that the Stormers lost quite a few close games. I hope w/the year of experience they can turn alot of those into w's.
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    Only one of the few reasons to say "Go Iowa" and not have "State" on the end. Go 'Stormers!
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    The niftytv broadcasts were ok last year but I wish road games would be on Mediacom. It just doesn't make sense to only show HOME games, why not show road games to keep interest alive and make people want to go when they're home? I'm sure there's some silly contractual reason that I could care less about, but still...

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