An invitation to Cyclones coming to Morgantown

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Dec 19, 2008


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Jun 18, 2013
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We hope to see a lot of Cyclones in Morgantown this Saturday. My wife and I tailgate in the Blue Lot (right next to the stadium) and we really enjoy hosting opposing fans. It's great to make new friends and talk football. I've been extending these invitations to opponents ever since we joined the B12, and we've had some great turnouts. Your fans travel very well and we've had a few dozen join us in past years.

So I hereby invite any and all Cyclones to join us Saturday for some good food, cold beer and some traditional clear Appalachian adult beverage. You can join our tradition, The Fire Water Circle, where we form a big circle, Mountaineers and guests together arm in arm, sing Country Roads and pass the clear stuff around. We'd be impressed if you'd sing your fight song for us. We'll do The Circle about an hour before kick-off. Then you need to think about going in the stadium because you don't want to miss our band entrance. The Pride of West Virginia entrance is like no other.

To find us, start at the 3 flag poles in front of Ruby Hospital. If you stand with your back to the flag poles, walk in a straight line towards the closest gate of the stadium. That is the North Gate. A third of the way there you will cross an access road that splits the Blue Lot. We try to park in the end space on the stadium side of the access road. If we miss out on that spot, we should be right around there somewhere. White Mercedes SUV. Ask anyone around for John and Crystal from South Carolina.

Or, if you're a techie, plug these coordinates into your pocket wizard: 39°39'9" N 79°57'23" W. That should get you within yards of our party.

Come see us!
We passed through last summer on our way home from Delaware. We stayed at the Morgan, and wandered around campus for a while before heading west. We hope to come out for the game in 2021 - if the invite is still open, we'll be sure to look you up!


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Dec 29, 2010
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Pretty awesome you do that. I definitely want to get to a game in Morgantown sometime soon. Football and basketball.