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Discussion in 'Pro Sports' started by pyrocyz, Feb 10, 2010.

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    So I Jonesing for some baseball discussion and thought that I would get the party started with some topics.

    1. I am happy to see that my Brewers are at least trying to improve their pitching this year. Last year was terrible. It is amazing that they won 80 games with the worst pitching in the national League.

    2. I don't know if the Cardinals will be able to afford both Holliday and Pujols when Alberts contract comes up. That is a lot of money for a mid market team to put into two players. I admit that they are both great batters, but 30 to 40 million a year for two players...ouch.

    3. If Alex Rios can return to his previous form, the Chisox could be pretty good team. Not too many people are talking about Peavy but I think that that was a good trade last year.

    4. I was honestly surprised that Cubs didn't make more moves. They had some holes that could be filled.

    5. Speaking of the Cubs...Do you really think that Carlos Silva is going to do anything for your club? I think that I would've traded Milton away with cash for a bucket of balls and maybe an extra Gaterade machine.

    6. Thanks to a divorce, the Dodgers did less in the offseason than the Cubs...I am extremely disappointed.

    Man I can't wait for good weather and baseball. I think that I will be getting the MLBradio online feed again. Can't wait to hear bob Ueker.
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    I predict my Royals will make it to May before being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.
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    I was disappointed in the Dodgers non-moves this off season. Oh well, what is it, 8 days till pitchers and catchers report!
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    I doubt Silva will see much of the field. The only reason the Cubs made that move was because it was better than eating the rest of Bradley's contract. At least they saved 8 mill or whatever. As long as Soto and Soriano play to their potential and there are no serious injuries, the Cubs should be in contention assuming everyone else did what they did last year.
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    While St. Louis is a smaller market, the Cardinals are not a small market team, going back to before the time before the Braves, Astros, and Rangers moved/expanded south. The Cardinal following remains strong in the south despite this, making them more of a regional team instead of a small-market team (which is why, even though the Twins play in a much larger market than the Cardinals, the Twins are considered a mid-major market whereas the Cardinals aren't). Needless to say, I think they'll find the money to keep both Pujols and Holliday.

    And BTW, it's Uecker...
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    I'm a Cubs optimist but even I am not too impressed or optimistic about this season. They need a LOT of things to happen to be in contention and rarely has that ever gone the Cubs way.

    The rotation: need Z to be consistent, Lilly healty, Demp back to form, Wells to pitch like he did last year, and someone to step up to be the 5th guy.
    The Bullpen: Marmol is not a sure thing closing and has some wild streaks, the middle relief is still a little shakey I think
    Offense: Soriano and Soto must stay healthy and rebound, Fukudome needs to hit well for more than just the first few months of a season, Byrd needs to be as productive as he was in Texas, Lee and A-Ram need to stay healthy, just a lot of questions here I think...
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    I never said that the Cards were a small market team...I said that they were a mid market team. Big difference. Brewers are a small market team...

    Either way...Unless you are the Red Sox, either NY team or an LA team, its hard to have 1/3 of your salary eaten away by two players. I will conceed that they are everyday players and not just pitchers, but I think that it could be a big problem for them. If either one starts getting the injury bug...Well just ask the Braves and Hampton about paying out contracts.
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    I have a sneaking feeling that the Cards may come to regret signing Holliday long term. I thought they should have pushed hard to keep DeRo as he is a much more versatile player than Holliday and comes with a much lower price tag. Now because they have so much payroll wrapped up in Pujols, Holliday, and Carpenter, they are counting on lots of production from AAAA players for most of their infield and they routinely sign washed up scrap heaps for the back of the rotation.

    Cards may contend for the Central title again, but I won't be surprised to see a lackluster season.

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