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Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by NoJantzesLeft, Nov 18, 2013.

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    I know this is pretty obvious, but I think the biggest positive coming from yesterday is something we have struggled with the past few seasons. I really think a win over #7, in a crazy atmosphere, this early in the season really helps our guys "leap frog" over the early season woes that we have had the last few years. I still remember going to the last game we had at Drake when everyone was convinced our team was going to be great. At the end of the year, we were very good, but that Drake game and many others at the beginning of the year were not good.

    I'm not saying that we won't have any hiccups with all of the youth that we have, I just thought that our guys (for the most part) looked very composed from the beginning yesterday. We have a bunch of leaders on this years team, and I think moving forward we will really benefit from the result of yesterdays game.
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    Said the same thing yesterday. So far in Fred's tenure the team has needed all of the non-conference season to gel and start showing full potential. Not a knock on him or those teams - just facts, especially when so many new guys played key rolls every year.

    We have plenty of new faces again this season - but they seem to be coming together much quicker for some reason.

    If this season is like the last few and the team is just scratching the surface on how good they can be.....


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    I think the difference is everyone on our team can get to the hole this year. If shots aren't falling we can still get in inside. Kane can post up inside which Lucious couldn't. MT took a nice drive for a layup. Georges, Ejim and Hogue aren't scared to take it to the basket off the dribble.
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    Non conference Point Guard Tryouts:

    One year DG had to basically carry the water himself.

    The next year Royce was finally assigned to carry the water after several false starts.

    The following year Will was basically designated with an assist from Lucious.

    This year we have several wanting to carry the water: Hogue, Georges, MT, Kane, MM, ME, etc. Georges even dribbled the ball up court as few times yesterday. Looks like this year Fred will be the Puzzle Meister.

    For opposing teams, what a mess.

    Guessing Doc Sadler helped bring early tenacity to the team. With his Nebby teams, with little talent, they had to be ready to work hard for the non conference. He ran them ragged in practice.
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    Don't underestimate the importance of playing an important game this early. Those previous teams weren't really challenged to put it all together early. Fred was still tinkering with lineups and roles until conference season. This year he put his "A" game out there early because there was a game he really really wanted to win.
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    Fully agree. The dribble drive when the 3 pointers were not falling was a huge factor. Combine that with the new rules, and we get to the rack or the foul line.
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    It wasn't a huge play, but there was one possession where Kane pulled that old man move of just backing his *** in from out by the FT line down to the post and then scored, easily. Really illustrated the physical advantage he'll have over a lot of guards this year.

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