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Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by DaddyMac, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Ok, so av8r and I hit the lots around 1:00 - gorgeous day. We have a few pops, talking to a few nearby tailgaters.

    I should mention that the lot of which I speak is G7, or as we now refer to it the "cheapo" lot.

    Mabye 3:00 or so, this golf cart pulls up with non-other than one Jamie Pollard. The net donation value of our tailgate is probably less than JP's income for the same amount of time spoke with us. But here he is, all the same.

    Boy I have to tell you (man crush forthcoming), that guy is the sh!t. He sat with us for a solid 15-20 minutes. And did with several other tailgates before and after us. Asked us what we thought of the new lot, the upcoming season, answered questions in pretty good detail about Hilton and JTS renovations (still not crazy about the Hilton suites thing, but JTS will be the bomb when done - can't wait). Suites leasing and I don't even know what else. And again, these are the $100 donation lots, not schmoozing the Directors club donors.

    Given the way the game went, probably the highlight of the day. Ok - meeting 22 was up there as well. So was being outside, out of work, with beer on a great day. But from a Cyclone athletics stand point - pretty cool. Anybody ever get a chance to talk with Bruce out in the lots pre-game? NO?

    Mr Pollard.... :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
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    We barely missed Pollard, was disappointed with that. But a few other folks that were over there, ended up at our tailgate and informed us on some of the info.

    Some good things ahead and learned a few things about Pollard. He really does have his hand on Cyclone pulse - from what's going on to Ames all the way down to what takes place on the web.

    Very smart, humble man.
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    I recently worked with a former Wisconsin strength and conditioning coach and he talked about how great JP was as an assistant AD in Madison. I still love the fact that he is all ours. He's made many tough decisions, but every single one has put Iowa State in a new direction.

    I don't know if he knows how to move backwards. Every step he takes is a step forward for Iowa State University. I hope he is here for many years to come, but we might see him one day at one of the pinnacle positions for an AD.

    I wonder what its like to work in the Athletic Department knowing that you have a guy at the lead that is going to take you to a whole new level. It can't be too hard to get up for work every day! Let's keep this train moving!
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    Oh, I will add that we got talking about M&M, and the whole Marty/ticket deal. Very enlightening and entertaining. Apparently the head shaving is on. It would seem that it won't be during the game itself. I was a little confused by it all, but I guess that there's some truth to the talk about fans getting a shot a shaving Marty as some sort of fundraiser for something to do with dogs? (ARL maybe?)

    He also just gave us his impressions of the interviews he did with M&M. The first one went well, the second was very heated and the third was face to face - so it went much easier. The funny line was that he hadn't seen Marty before the two phone in interviews. Now that he has done a fact to face and has a mental picture of them, they'll be a little easier from now on. Kind of a dig.

    I got to mention the whole "fake press release" thing from a month or so ago, and that I wrote it. He gave me a kind of wry smile saying "Oh Thanks". "It's funny and all, but I get all the emails from people who actually believe it and are mad at me." (chuckle included)

    Ooops..... :mask:

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