5th Annual Flippy Cup Tourney

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    This Saturday, April 7th at Uncle Bucks in West Des Moines there will be the 5th annual Flippy Cup tournament for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society presented by: CycloneFanatic.com, Benchwarmers, Bella's Salon and many others. Come out and support a good cause with some suds and sun, tournament starts at 12 noon. You can still register now by e-mailing sharon.keeling@lls.org , price is $25 per person on a team, but your beer for the tournament will be taken care of. Hope all of you can make it out this weekend! You will get a free t-shirt out of the deal as well!
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    Awesome. We won that the first year when it was at 3 bag. Pretty fun, there will be a lot of early 20's hotties there for you single guys.

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