***#3 Iowa State at WVU (Friday)/#18 Pitt (Saturday)***


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Dec 6, 2009
North Central IA
Yonger vs. #2 Bonaccorsi.

Pitt gets to a single 2x but can't finish either. YB gives up the single again and a stall warning to boot but again gets out of it. He is not the aggressor right now. And as I say that YB gets after it and drives Pitt off the mat and gets a stall on Pitt.

YB hits a great high crotch for 2. Quick escape Pitt. Pitt in on a single. YB is really tough to finish on. We're tied 2-2 after two. YB going down to start the 3rd.

YB pushes the action and gets a stall call going off the mat. Leads 4-2. now in on a single. Stalemate
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