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    I'm not giving the offense or this team an "out" because of our defense. Yes, I expected our defense to cause some problems for us...but our offense has been nothing short of pathetic.

    Saturday we have yet again no scoring in the 2nd half. Heck, no scoring in the last 3 quarters. Only the Baltimore Ravens of 2000 could make a living with that type of offensive play.

    A list of our 2nd half scoring so far...

    Toledo – 9
    UNLV- 3
    Iowa – 3
    Texas – 0
    UNI – 14 (plus 7 for Baum's return)
    Nebraska – 0 (plus 7 garbage points)
    Oklahoma – 0 (plus 2 for the safety)
    Texas Tech – 6
    Kansas State – 0

    2nd half points per game – 3.89
    Avg. with the ( ) points - 5.67


    Rankings for each team for points allowed per game…

    Toledo – 102
    UNLV- 107
    Iowa – 34
    Texas – 21
    UNI – 33 (D-I-AA)
    Nebraska – 27
    Oklahoma – 15
    Texas Tech – 59
    Kansas State – 38

    Kansas – 84
    Colorado – 45
    Missouri - 19

    Texas and Oklahoma have good defenses – shocking. Nebraska and Iowa are solid, no surprise. K-State is better than I expected. The rest, not impressive.

    Just like our offense.
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    Well done.

    And therein is the problem. Our defense is bad, no two ways around it. The tackling is sad for a junior high team. But they are young a green - everywhere. So some of that goes with the territory.

    But the Offense is our strength - or was supposed to be. I'd like to see a stat of how many 3 and outs we've had? Probably up there in the same realm of the number of sacks we've allowed.

    We can talk all we want about the players "not getting it done", and they're not. But in the end, who's to blame for that?

    The saddest comment I've heard this season is that our offensive line is still basically intact, personnel wise, because there is nobody behind them to step in. GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN! We better put a linebacker in at QB next season because that position is going to get pounded, given 4 of these linemen graduate. Our line can't stop an opposing defense any better than a kindergarden class playing "Red rover, red rover, send any linebacker right over". And it'll be worse next season????

    Game day management is bad enough. But now we're being told that recruiting and/or player development is also that bad? And the person responsible for that position is the 3rd year 0-Coord? Compound that with the fact we're on year what? 5 or six of that aspect of the game being beyond "sad" (Marty Fine)?

    The offense production this season, and the prospects for the future, are enough IMO to demand a change.
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    I find it inexcusable that there are no O-linemen able to step up and play. It is not a surprise to anyone that we have an "experienced" line and that they will be gone at the end of the season. Why has there been no recruiting done to have some players with game experience for next year? If we had a young line and ran into some injuries, that would be one thing. These players have finite eligibility, and you have to plan for the future. This was obviously NOT done, and that is negligence... plain and simple. We have quarterbacks bumping into each other (Meyer, Van Winkle, Arnaud, and Mechaelsen) but there are NO offensive linemen in the pipe ready play? If nothing else, that much of a lack of planning and seeing beyond this season is enough for a regime change.
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    I would say that Mac has done a very poor job of program management over the last four years or since seneca wallace left school. Add to that problem the drop in recruiting and its NOT hard to figure out why this football program has sunk to last place in the conference and is an underdog to KU of all teams!

    Come on Clones win ONE GAME and beat Kansas!:no6xn:

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