2022 Football post mortem/looking forward


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May 15, 2008
We need at a minimum a new OL coach.

I would love to get a recording of the JP and CMC conversation that is coming. JP stated when Prohm was fired that he had a season end review with him, as he does every coach, and asked what changes needed to be made. When Prohm stated using transfers big to turn over the roster, because the recruiting had failed, JP changed the coaching roster.

I don't think CMC's job is in jeopardy, unless he gives JP a BS answer of being so close. You have to average more than 20 points a game to win in any P5 conference. And CMC came into this program planning to win championships. Having a good defense alone is not going to win many games, let alone championships.

And if CMC is limiting the plays the OC can develop, then with a new OL coach, we will see and if next year is another dumpster fire, then a staff change is in order.

Look at TCU. It is possible to replace a head coach and have a great season. If we don't get to a bowl game next year, then we are looking for a new coaching staff.


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Mar 5, 2008
Hard to explain but this is where I am at:

This whole thing is a scam. ISU raking in $$$, JP, CMC, and assistants all over paid for this production.

Hard working fans are throwing $$$, time, and energy at this. For what? Heartache?

Similar to horse racing or the financial markets. The big guy needs the little guy to take advantage of.


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Oct 26, 2013
Cedar Rapids
Campbell has to pull off an unprecedented turnaround of a collapseof his own making.
He's got a couple years with JP to do it. Probably can't, but he gets the shot.
He's likely got 3 years to figure it out. JP gave Prohm 1 year to many to sort things out and he would have gotten another or maybe even 2 if he didn't turn in the worst Iowa State basketball season of all time in 2020.

If CMC can't sort it out by then, then he really isn't a good coach.


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Nov 15, 2011
Campbell has to pull off an unprecedented turnaround of a collapseof his own making.
He's got a couple years with JP to do it. Probably can't, but he gets the shot.

Mac was able to from 2003-2004 but that still wasn't sustainable.

I've hit apathy until there's improvement mode.
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Nov 18, 2008
Yeah, this is my big takeaway.

I also just look at our special teams and the lack of changes/improvement made in year four (?) of major special teams problems and question if Campbell really is going to be able to fix the special teams problems, much less the even bigger offensive problems. It's starting to feel like Heacock is the rockstar in the coaches room and Campbell might not be the right person to solve the problems on the other side of the ball.

Even the things Campbell is saying now. I really don't think he wants to make a change on the offensive side of the ball and even if he does swap out a few assistants and maybe Manning, I still think we're largely running what he wants us to be running on offense and even if we do see some changes in the offensive coaching staff, I don't think they will ultimately be very meaningful.

I just think the program should be in a better place after year seven if Campbell is really going to be the Cyclone's long-term answer at head coach.
Feels a bit like Matt got paid and maybe has that thing money does to some people that never had it, all of a sudden they lose focus, and aren't as good at whatever it was that got them there. Hope I'm wrong, but hard to say he is focused on development or details right now.


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Aug 22, 2011
This season has been dead for a few weeks now. Today was just the dirt being thrown on it.
Naw. You still had people predicting we would win and make a bowl game. This team had still managed to be competitive in all of its games. It lands different when they get completely dismantled and give up in the last game of the season.