*** 2022-2023 College Football Survivor Week 1 ***

Do you want lines included in the schedule of games going forward?

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Jul 13, 2008
Nevada, IA
I know I'm 3 weeks early but pumped to get this contest up and going and since you have to be in at the start no one can say I didn't have time to get in on this. Again starting Week 1 with games associated as Week 0 on the 27th. I will get the Week 2 thread up the next day for the games for the 1st through the 6th.

New this year are tiebreaker points. If your team wins and covers you gain an extra bonus point. If you take a undefeated team who is the underdog you gain the point for them covering plus another bonus point. As the season goes on the number of teams undefeated being a underdog greatly diminish so take advantage while you can.

I will be using ESPN's Lines

Rules/How to Play if you are new:
  1. Pick a team you think will win that weeks game. Pick only 1 team per week.
  2. Don't pm me the pick, post on here your pick.
  3. You can only pick that team ONCE the entire time you are in the game.
  4. The goal is to advance and be the last person standing.
  5. Only games that have a FBS school facing another FBS school are eligible to be picked.
  6. You have up until the start time of the game you picked to switch.
  7. If your team loses, you are out for the competition.
  8. If you skip a week of picks, you are out.
  9. You can switch as many times up until the game you have picked officially starts.
  10. If you have questions, pm me
  11. Post 2 of the thread will have the possible games you can pick.
  12. Post 3 will have each player and their previous week's picks.
  13. You can only pick teams that are undefeated (they will be bolded).
  14. You can't join in during the middle of the season.
    Please include prior weeks picks with your pick for the week.
Have any questions, pm me or ask in the thread. Thanks!
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Jul 13, 2008
Nevada, IA
Saturday, August 27
Nebraska vs. Northwestern (in Dublin, Ireland) 11:30 am
UConn at Utah State 3:00pm
Wyoming at Illinois 3:00pm
Charlotte at Florida Atlantic 6:00pm
North Texas at UTEP 8:00pm
Vanderbilt at Hawaii 9:30pm
Nevada at New Mexico State Time TBA