*** 2021-2022 College Football Survivor Week 4 ***


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Jul 13, 2008
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11 more eliminated in week 3. We are down to 108. 50 undefeated teams are left and after this week it will be down to at least 41.

Rules/How to Play if you are new:
  1. Pick a team you think will win that weeks game. Pick only 1 team per week.
  2. Don't pm me the pick, post on here your pick.
  3. You can only pick that team ONCE the entire time you are in the game.
  4. The goal is to advance and be the last person standing.
  5. Only games that have a FBS school facing another FBS school are eligible to be picked.
  6. You have up until the start time of the game you picked to switch.
  7. If your team loses, you are out for the competition.
  8. If you skip a week of picks, you are out.
  9. You can switch as many times up until the game you have picked officially starts.
  10. If you have questions, pm me
  11. Post 2 of the thread will have the possible games you can pick.
  12. Post 3 will have each player and their previous week's picks.
  13. You can only pick teams that are undefeated (they will be bolded).
  14. You can't join in during the middle of the season.
    Please include prior weeks picks with your pick for the week.
Have any questions, pm me or ask in the thread. Thanks!
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Jul 13, 2008
Nevada, IA
Friday, September 17
UCF at Louisville 6:30pm
Maryland at Illinois 8:00pm

Saturday, September 18
NIU at Michigan 11:00am
Western Michigan at Pitt 11:00am
15 Virginia Tech at West Virginia 11:00am
Boston College at Temple 11:00am
8 Cincinnati at Indiana 11:00am
16 Coastal Carolina at Buffalo 11:00am
Michigan State at 24 Miami (FL) 11:00am
Nebraska at 3 Oklahoma 11:00am
New Mexico at 7 Texas A&M 11:00am
UConn at Army 11:00am
Nevada at Kansas State 1:05pm
Purdue at 12 Notre Dame 1:30pm
Kent State at 5 Iowa 2:30pm
Florida State at Wake Forest 2:30pm
Baylor at Kansas 2:30pm
1 Alabama at 11 Florida 2:30pm
SMU at Louisiana Tech 2:30pm
Mississippi State at Memphis 3:00pm
Georgia Southern at Arkansas 3:00pm
Ball State at Wyoming 3:00pm
East Carolina at Marshall 5:00pm
Old Dominion at Liberty 5:00pm
Middle Tennessee at UTSA 5:00pm
Utah at San Diego State 6:00pm
South Carolina at 2 Georgia 6:00pm
Charlotte at Georgia State 6:00pm
FIU at Texas Tech 6:00pm
Utah State at Air Force 6:30pm
Virginia at 21 North Carolina 6:30pm
22 Auburn at 10 Penn State 6:30pm
Tulane at 17 Ole Miss 7:00pm
Oklahoma State at Boise State 8:00pm
19 Arizona State at BYU 9:15pm
Fresno State at 13 UCLA 9:45pm
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Oct 5, 2017
Week 1: Fresno State
Week 2: Arkansas
Week 3: TCU
Week 4: Liberty


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Jun 14, 2007
Week 01: Fresno State
Week 02: Arkansas
Week 03: Florida
Week 04: Texas Tech

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