2020 Football Targets

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Feb 18, 2011
247 Profile Updates:
OT Jalen St. John: Mizzou
OT Monroe Mills: Mizzou
OT Michael Rankins: Minnesota, Auburn, FSU, GT
OT Chris Morris: Ohio State
RB Lawrence Toafili: Florida
RB Elijah Green: Michigan State
TE Luke Lachey: Iowa
TE Steven Mahar Jr.: Boston College, Syracuse
WR DeMeer Blankumsee: Louisville, Rutgers, Toledo
WR Daniel Jackson: Arizona State, USC
WR Ajou Ajou: Nebraska
WR Xavier Watts: Tennessee, Wisconsin
WDE Noah Arinze: Arizona State, Minnesota
WDE Bryce Mostella: Iowa
DT Quay Mays (JC): West Virginia
OLB Kaden Johnson: Wisconsin, Minnesota
CB Carrington Valentine: Kentucky
S Jordyn Morgan: ISU, Nevada, BC, Cal, Mizzou
S Kobee Minor: Cal, Houston, KU, Liberty, TTU

OT Marcus Dumervil: Ohio State
OT Chris Morris: Georgia
RB Miyan Williams: Kentucky
TE Luke Lachey: Iowa State, Kentucky, WVU
WR Xavier Watts: Minnesota
ATH Cameron Martinez: Kentucky, Michigan State
ATH Enzo Jennings: Notre Dame
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Feb 18, 2011
Some notes on 247 class ranking with the flurry of commits:
  • Rated #34 by Composite
  • Rated #5 in the Big 12
  • Rated #49 by Average Player Rating
  • Average Player Rating .8517
Removing long snapper Koby Hathcock, though #1 in the country at the position:
  • Rated #40 by Average Player Rating
  • Average Player Rating .8568
Last 5 Average Player:
  • 2019: .8533 (6th B12, 46th)
  • 2018: .8481 (7th B12, 55th)
  • 2017: .8390 (7th B12, 52nd)
  • 2016: .8249 (8th B12, 55th)
  • 2015: .8237 (9th B12, 64th)