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Nov 15, 2011
I think he called the Hawaii/Arizona State game. I know I’ve heard him call a Hawaii game. I didn’t think he was awful.

Probably was doped up on painkillers though.
Yeah he seemed fine.

Just kind of an odd hire....one of the biggest busts with quite a history. But you hope the best for people.


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Apr 11, 2006
Thought this was a pretty interesting on whether expanding to an 8 team playoff would be good or bad for the regular season:

Stewart, whenever the concept of an eight-team playoff arises, I always hear the argument that it’ll make the regular season or non-conference schedules meaningless. With that in mind, let’s say this year we had what seems to be the most popular playoff model: The Power 5 champs, highest-ranked Group of 5 champ and two at-large bids.

What would the storylines be if THAT was the set of rules we’re operating under?

Love, love, love this question. Because the past couple of years, when we got to Selection Sunday and bowl season, I found myself defecting to the eight-team playoff bandwagon out of frustration over the selection process and lack of interest in the other bowl games. But then once I’m back in regular-season mode I find myself anti-expansion for all the reasons you said. Heck, I’d be fine with a three-team Playoff this year if LSU, Ohio State and Clemson run the table. I don’t need an extra round to figure out one of those three is the best in the country this season.

With that in mind, let’s see whether some of this season’s biggest remaining games would still be just as big, bigger, or less important in that eight-team model (starting with last weekend’s two blockbusters).

• Nov. 9: Penn State at Minnesota. I’m sure Gophers fans would have celebrated exactly the same way they did, and with good reason. Both teams’ path to the Playoff would be exactly the same as they are now, because both still control their Big Ten title fates. Verdict: Just as big.

• Nov. 9: LSU at Alabama. Still a huge game, but with lower stakes, because the loser would just turn around and become the clear front-runner for one of the two wild-card spots. Verdict: Less important.

• Nov. 16: Oklahoma at Baylor. Under the present system, we assume both these teams need to win out to reach the Playoff. Under the new model, it basically just determines which team gets to wear home jerseys in the Big 12 title game. Verdict: Less important.

• Nov. 16: Georgia at Auburn. In the new model, as long as Georgia wins the SEC title game, it really doesn’t matter whether the Dawgs win this game, so the bigger story would be Auburn’s wild-card hopes. Kind of like the NFL. Verdict: Less important.

• Nov. 23: Penn State at Ohio State. Right now, it looks like this will be a Big Ten title game play-in, though Ohio State wouldn’t necessarily be out with a loss. In the new model … same deal, though the Buckeyes would still be in pretty good shape. Verdict: Just as big.

• Nov. 30: Alabama at Auburn. Today, this is an elimination game if Alabama loses. It probably still would be. But here’s a bonus: If Auburn beats Georgia, it could probably clinch a wild-card berth with a win here. Verdict: Even bigger.

• Conference championship games: Obviously, every one of them becomes more important with auto bids, with the exception of the SEC, where undefeated LSU is in win or lose. Verdict: Four of them even bigger, one just as big.

Meanwhile, every Group of 5 game involving a conference title contender would become more important. So could the following games with wild-card potential: Florida-Florida State, Minnesota-Wisconsin and every game involving an ACC Coastal contender. Verdict: As many as a dozen teams’ games become even bigger.

On the flip side, Clemson, which wrapped up its division last weekend, could effectively take its next two games off. Verdict: One team’s games become much less important.

In the final tally, more games take on bigger stakes than less (not even including Group of 5), but they mostly involve current two-loss teams (or worse) like Auburn, Florida, Wisconsin and, um, Virginia. Not LSU/Ohio State/Clemson/Alabama.


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May 30, 2016
The Iowa uniforms look like what high school jv teams have splicing new pants with old jerseys.
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Apr 7, 2006
The row boat sprung a leak. Leaves the Big 10 with OSU and five other teams who belong in the 10-20 range.