2013 Cyclone Football - Who's back, who's gone . . .

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    I put this together for my own edification, but in case others might be interested in the list, I posted. Please post corrections so I can change the list.


    2013 Cyclones
    (Nov. 19, 2012 depth chart)

    (7) Returning starters: QB, RB, TE, WR, OG, C, OG
    (4) Lost starters: WR, WR, OT, OT

    (5) Returning starters: DE, LB, LB, CB, FS
    (6) Lost starters: DE, DL, DL, LB, CB, SS (J Knott not included)

    (4) Returning starters: P, PK, KR, KR
    (2) Lost starters: H, PR


    By Position

    * - Starting experience
    ** - Quality game experience


    >>> QUARTERBACK <<<

    Returning (3) - *Sam Richardson (rSo), *Jared Barnett (rJr), Grant Rohach (rFr)

    Commits (2) - Trevor Hodge (CA), Joel Lanning (IA)

    Gone (1) - *Steele Jantz

    >>> RUNNING BACK <<<

    Returning (5) - *James White (rSr), *Shontrelle Johnson (Sr), ** James Woody (rSr), **Devondrick Nealy (rSo), Rob Standard (rSo)

    Commits (2) - Tyler Brown (FL), Aaron Wimberly (GA-IWCC)

    Gone (0)

    >>> WIDE RECEIVER <<<

    Returning (8) - *Quenton Bundrage (rSo), *Albert Gary (rSr), **Jarvis West (rJr), Tad Ecby (rSo), Dondre Daley (rFr), Ja'Quarius Daniels (rFr), PJ Harris (rFr), Quan West (rFr)

    Commits (2) - Bryan Ajumobi (TX), Brandon Harris (TX)

    Gone (4) - *Aaron Horne, *Josh Lenz, *Chris Young, **Jerome Tiller

    >>> TIGHT END <<<

    Returning (3) - *Ernst Brun (rSr), Pierce Richardson (rJr), Ben Boesen (rSo-walkon)

    Commits (2) - Emmanuel Bibbs (IL-AWCC), Alex Leslie (TX)

    Gone (2 ) - *Kurt Hammerschmidt, *Ricky Howard

    >>> OFFENSIVE LINE <<<

    Returning (13) - *Tom Farniok (rJr), *Ethan Tuftee (rSr), *Kyle Lichtenberg rSr, **Jacob Gannon (rJr), **Bob Graham (rJr), **Oni Omoile (rSo), Shaban Dika (rJr), Ben Loth (rJr), Daniel Burton (rFr), Brock Dagel (rSo), Jacob Dunning (rFr), Jamison Lalk (rSo), Duaron Williams (rFr)

    Commits (5) - Shawn Curtis (FL), Ryan Glenn (IA), Jacob Homa (WI), Vincent Johnson (CA), Nick Severs (IL)

    Gone (3) - *Brayden Burris (OT), *Carter Bykowski (OT), Sam Tautolo (C)



    >>> DEFENSIVE END <<<

    Returning (5) - *Willie Scott (rSr), **David Irving (Jr), **Cory Morrissey (Jr), **Nick Kron (rSo), Devin Lemke (rSo)

    Commits (3) - Ernest Suttles (FL), Vernell Trent (FL), JD Waggoner (TX)

    Gone (2) - *Rosey Maggitt, **Rony Nelson


    Returning (8) - **Brandon Jensen (rJr), **Walter Woods (rSr), Austin Krick (rJr), Quinton Pompey (rSo), Pierre Aka (rFr), Collin Bevins (rFr), Devlyn Cousin (rFr), Mitchell Meyers (rFr)

    Commits (0)

    Gone (4) - **Ben Durbin, *Jake McDonough, *Cleon Laing, **Henry Simon

    >>> LINEBACKERS <<<

    Returning (7) - *Jeremiah George (rSr), *Deon Broomfield (rSr), **Jevohn Miller (Jr), **CJ Morgan, Luke Knott (rFr), Kane Seeley (rFr), Darius White (rFr)

    Commits (2) - Brian Mills (FL), Justin Webster (TX)

    Gone (3) - *A.J. Klein, *Jake Knott, **Matt Morton


    Returning (13) - *Jansen Watson (rSr), *Jacques Washington (rSr), *Cliff Stokes (Sr), *Gage Shaeffer (rJr-walkon), **Matthew Thomas (rJr), **Jared Brackens (Jr), **Sam Richardson (rSo), **Kenneth Lynn (rSo), Darian Cotton (rSo), Damein Lawry (rFr), T.J. Mutcherson (rFr.), Charlie Rogers (rFr), Levi Peters (rFr-walkon)

    Commits (4) - Jalen Barnes (TX), Kamari Syrie (TX), Nigel Tribune (FL), D.A. Williams (FL)

    Gone (2) - *Jeremy Reeves, *Durrell Givens



    Returning (6) - *Kirby Van Der Kamp, P (Sr); *Edwin Arceo, PK (Sr); Cole Netten, PK (rFr); **Albert Gary, PR (Sr), *Jarvis West, KR (rJr), *Devondrick Nealy, KR, (rSo)

    Gone (2) - *Brett Bueker, H; *Aaron Horne, PR



    QB - CPR has said both QB commitments (Hodge and Lanning) are recruited quarterbacks, that is, they will start out playing that position when they arrive on campus.

    RB - We'll have 3 senior running backs next fall and two rSo backs. Will Aaron Wimberly, the juco back commitment, be asked to redshirt? If so, in 2014 we'll have 3 junior RBs and 1 rFr.

    WR - Only 3 players return who have caught passes in a Div. I game (unless Ecby has snuck a couple in there). Great oppurtunity and need for the youngsters to step forward.

    TE - We're really thin here. But, our best player, Ernst Brun, returns. It appears a key recruit is Emmanuel Bibbs, a near-Brun clone, based on stats. IIRC, Bibbs is a December grad. Oklahoma was sniffing around him earlier. We need him. Have you watched the video off Leslie, the h.s. kid? Really good hands.

    OL - Quite a bit of experience returning among the group of 13. Will our OTs be quicker next fall? Likely two of the guards who have quick feet and are lighter weight will move to tackle, CPR said recently. (Was it Gannon or Graham, and Lichtenberg?) CPR said the two are better suited to OT than to OG. You'd think the OL will be experienced across the board and might be quite good.

    OG Shaban Dika, 6-5, 315, can he finally get healthy and stay that way? Aggressive and powerful, according to past comments, iirc. Sure hope Shaban will be 100 percent in the spring.

    OG Oni Omoille, 6-3, 285, rSo-to-be, could be become an important factor at OG. He's played this fall as a rFr but don't know how much. This guy is fast! In high school reportedly ran a 4.7-something.

    QB Richardson, four highly experience RBs, a ton of experience back in the OL, an outstanding receiving/blocking TE, we might have a hell-on-wheels offense next fall, or something close to it. If the young WRs have what it takes.


    DE / DL - Four of the top 6 DEs are back. CPR has said we were playing 6 DE and 6 DL this season. But, only two backups of the top 6 DL return. This will likely be our least experienced group next September, correct? But, boy, until they prove differently, we think we've got some young studs in that interior group. They do have to prove it, though. (CPR has said Pierre Aka is destined to move inside from DE.)

    LB - Last week, CPR said Luke Knott is now a linebacker. That gives us seven returning scholarship guys. Jeremiah George and Deon Broomfield are highly experienced. How much PT time did CJ Morgan get this fall, anyone here have an idea? And, don't know how much field work J. Miller got, either.

    One of the DB commitments has said he was recruited to play the hybrid linebacker spot here (Broomfield's spot) but can't recall his name so left him in the DB group. A couple of weeks ago, CPR said we have three linebacker recruits although they aren't listed that way by recruiting services. Add this DB to the linebacker group and we'll have 10 scholie players next fall, but, boy, we're pretty young in this area.


    Hey, I thought PK Arceo was a senior. How nice it is to have him and P Van Der Kamp back next fall.
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  2. ISUAgronomist

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    Nov 5, 2009
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    Close Enough, IA
    Ja'Quarius Daniels (rFr)

    This one should be a ? since he's not on the ISU roster any longer.
  3. Let's Go State

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    Thank you for that summary! We are losing a lot on defense, but still next year looks pretty decent.
  4. ISUFan22

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    Been hearing this since 2007. I won't hold my breath on the single most underperforming unit in the last 5+ years.

    Concerned about the defense with the key losses but I've been saying that for a few years too and Wally proves me wrong.
  5. Cyclonz

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    Just go to the football tab - scholarship chart on this site.
  6. CyValley

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    Feb 29, 2008
    I had him with a question mark. But, then, the depth chart, updated last Monday, lists Daniels, so I changed it. Updated by who from what resource, I don't know. I hope someone in the know can get us the word on JD's status pretty soon.
  7. WhatchaGonnaDo

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Nice work. It will definitely be interesting to see how those graduating seniors will be replaced. Feeling slightly optimistic about the offense, actually. Never thought I would say that...
  8. CyValley

    CyValley Well-Known Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    That woulda saved me some work, wouldn't it? How come you didn't tell me the chart was there before I posted? <g>

    I think maybe Arceo has earned a scholarship.
  9. CyValley

    CyValley Well-Known Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    Me, too, feeling optimistic, that is. Sam is the chief reason, in my case. Yours, too?

    CPR said a week or two ago that the three most important positions on the football field, in order, are:

    1 - QB
    2 - DL
    3 - CB

    C. Messingham has reiterated time and again just how important consistent play at QB is for an offense. Stating the obvious, sure. But it was though he was saying until we get QB consistency, we can't be good offensively. If Sam can give the attack that consistency, well. . . .
  10. swarthmoreCY

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Here nor there
    I have some hope for the offense to improve, especially if we learn how to better utilize our most talented position (RB).
  11. Luth4Cy

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    Sep 19, 2012
    Ames, IA
    Good work OP! I question what our linebackers look like, since Morgan hasn't played a ton as a traditional linebacker and has mostly played as a nickle. If he doesn't start when we go with the traditional 4-3 then who will take that spot? Also, some of the players listed (Krick, Peters, Boesen) haven't played a lot. What do you know if anything that makes you think they might contribute?
  12. CyValley

    CyValley Well-Known Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    Good question. I included them only based on recollecting a comment or two sometime between the start of fall camp and now.

    CPR singled out Krick a few weeks ago when he was asked to preview the DL heading into spring camp. Peters I added on nothing more than several strong positive comments made here about him when it became known he was a recruited walk-on.

    And it was just a few weeks ago, again, when one of the coaches made real positive comments about the tight end play of Vince Ewald (a senior) and Boesen. It seemed clear to me the coach had a high regard for Boesen.

    Could be a few or many other good comments about non-scholarship guys that I just don't know about. Maybe I should not have listed non-scholie guys at this point, since for me it's a hit-and-miss proposition.
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  13. cycloneike001

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    Dec 14, 2008
    Kirby Van Der Kamp is averaging over 10 yards per carry. He will break out yet again next year.
  14. UNIGuy4Cy

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    Nov 11, 2009
    Polk City
    Aside from Horne and his 100 drops, I thought the receivers were good. I guess you look at the KU game and say if Barnett and Jantz were more accurate it would make the receivers jobs a lot easier.
  15. FootballinTexas

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    Aug 2, 2009
    Jantz was pretty accurate against BU. It makes a huge difference in accuracy when they are sending the house at you. SR got a "small" taste of that last night to the tune of 41% and he only had a couple of drops. I say say small because he hasn't tasted the likes of OU, Texas, TT, KSU, OSU like Jantz and JB.
  16. Cyclonic1

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    Aug 7, 2012
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    Yes, thanks for answering a lot of the questions I had after yesterday. One thing I notice watching some of the other games on TV though is that we sure need some speed at the skill positions. There isn't much time to effect this year's recruiting class, however. I always look at 40 times when we get a commit but I don't remember any eye popping stats. Did I miss someone or are we still looking for speed in the 2013 class?
  17. swarthmoreCY

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Here nor there
    The lack of pressure is largely due to Sam's superior skill at QB. You can send the house when you have QB's that throw ground balls and have no skill at moving in the pocket. Sadly (or not), even with the wind and several drops contributing to 41%, SR was better than JB's best game of the year.
  18. Wesley

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    Next year we should be more than 23 points game.
  19. bawbie

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    Mar 17, 2006
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Pretty sure we are always looking for speed, along with everyone else.
  20. cyguytillidie

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    I have a feeling we might see Broomfield at SS next year. No insider info, just feel he will transition to that spot if Brackens doesn't step up.

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