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    Looks like we return 53% of minutes played, 57% of our rebounds, 47% of our scoring, 47% of FGA, 54% of 3PA, 45% of FTA, 31% of our assists, 36% of our turnovers, and 60% of our blocks. We return our 4-9 leading scorers. We return 3 of our top 4 rebounders.

    We lose our top 3 scorers, 2 of our top 3 three point shooters, 2 of our top 3 free throw shooters, and our top 3 assistors.

    I think Clyburn and Lucious will make up for a lot of the points we lost especially from 3pt range. Lucious/Bubu/Naz will also have a great opportunity to replace the assists we are losing.

    I honestly think that we will be a better team than we were last year. We have a true PG, a great wing, 6 returning players(3 of those being redshirt players) that have played significant minutes over the past year or two. We have 5 seniors and hopefully a promising freshmen class. I'm predicting us being a 6 seed and getting to the sweet 16. I can't wait for this upcoming season!!

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