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    This is my attempt at my Cyclones MVP's list.

    Maxwell Winner - Jared Barnett, since his insertion into the starting lineup we have faced 1 easy game and a 4 very good to great teams. His record an impressive 3-2 and for a first time starter, the kid elevated his game and those around him, exactly what the Maxwell trophy winner does - makes everyone better.

    Doak Walker Winner - Split poll here, Woody and White. Both have had games and moments within the game that they dominated. Considering many hung their head when Shontrelle went down, this position is loaded and ready to continue to produce very good players for years to come.

    Fred Biletnikoff Award - Darius Reynolds, this could be several guys. However, this guy had some big games for us and was a part of a lot of plays that others got the limelight while he had the coverage! Great way to end your career Money, led the team in rec, yards, avg and touchdowns.

    John Mackey Award - Vacated for this year due to faulty play. We did not have a collin franklin this year, however our unit as a whole is also to blame for our running success. So great job guys, you helped this team in a selfless manner.

    Outland Trophy Winner - this is actually intended for interior lineman even though it seems to always go to a tackle....go figure....Anyhow, our Interior Lineman of the year is Tom Farniok. From an actual performance standpoint, H. Hicks was dominant and could have earned this spot. However, the role that our freshman center stepped into and delivered making the line calls and adjustments is no easy task.

    Vince Lombardi - KO, what can we say, truly a great cyclone and could be our 2nd first round draft pick ever. I wish him huge success in the nfl, that will only help the ISU name.

    Offensive Newcomer of the Year (not previously awarded) - Jarvis West...man i sit up when this kid gets the ball...hes fun to watch and i want to see him in the open field against Rutgers and let him turn on the Scared Speed and see how really fast he is...Albert gary a close second, he played extremely well down the stretch and the catch against OSU was not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination.

    Bronko Nagurski Award (DL) - touch call, but, i'm going to give this to big #94 McDonough. This guy created a lot of commotion from the middle of the defense and put pressure up the middle. I think he's poised for a huge senior season!

    Ted Hendricks Award (DE) - Lattimer, led the DL in tackles, TFL and second with sacks. Had times when he would get early pressure and other guys would get the stats, but it was because of his speed and quick start that pressure was forced.

    **** Butkus Award - split, AK47 and Knotty...these two brothers of the LB position simply controlled a lot of things for this defense and both ended their year 1-2 in tackles! Both will have the opportunity to play at the next level, and i said this before he signed and i will say it again. Knott is to ISU that Greenway was to Iowa....Great all around player!

    Jim Thorpe Award - LJ easy pick here. This kid has developed into someone very special. I like his edgy attitude, he has to learn to control it or be drafted by the Raiders, otherwise the NFL guys wont like those 15 yard penalties. Was able to slow down some of the best college wr in Blackmon, Stills, and Wright. Gets his next big shot tonight with Sanu.

    Defensive Newcomer of the Year - Easy pick here for me. Jacques Washington....wow this guy become a force in a secondary that a lot of people thought would be a weakness because of our senior departing players. Third leading tackler on the team, and tied for 2nd on team for Pass breakup and pass defended. great year for a soph, kid stepped up and our secondary is in good hands for the next two years which is exactly how you want to develop these kids. Close second was Deon Broomfield and CJ Morgan - both these guys were seen around a lot of big plays this year for ISU. Good things will come from both these guys as RSFresh and RSoph.....our secondary is in great hands!

    Thats my roll call, next up, breakout player for 2012....
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    No way West wins any sort of award over Gary. Otherwise, I agree.
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    West= special teams POTY

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