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  1. MuskieCy

    NBA: Tyrese Haliburton is an All-star!

    Wa'ar Keegan or Luka?
  2. MuskieCy

    Yet Another Boneheaded Move by the Iowa AD

    Group sales at eiu,...."I just got 200 for Illinois!!!!" Rest of sales team,....."Whatever". AD,..."Great job group sales team!!!" Name check the teams/schools that would allow the transaction in the first place.
  3. MuskieCy

    On That Note: All Apologies

  4. MuskieCy

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    By Iowa City's very own DJ Carstensen, no less,....who is a very good official and a great guy.
  5. MuskieCy

    ***2023 PGA Tour Thread***

    Patrick Reed gonna cheat! In the tree on the right, says to the official, "yep that's my ball up there."
  6. MuskieCy

    Suggestion for ISU Ath Dept marketing team

  7. MuskieCy

    On That Note: Hold On

  8. MuskieCy

    On That Note: Hold On

  9. MuskieCy

    Dwayne Pierce commits, third top 100 prospect in the 2024 class

    CW must be on vacation. Because recruiting success!!!
  10. MuskieCy

    "Can we taco bout Taco Bell?" -Bewilderme

    Why did he think "rat poison" and not just "it's Taco Hell for sure."
  11. MuskieCy

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Haven't played in State Gym since I tore my ACL in the university IM championship game in Feb 1981. Miss those days.
  12. MuskieCy

    TCU going Briles strong

    Art Briles and Sonny Dykes were Tx Juco Tech staff members under the pirate, 2000-2002. Nothing dirty ever happened then I'm sure.
  13. MuskieCy

    Freezing rain in WI

    I thought "West Indies"?!?!?! Then Atlantic came up,...."oh yeah,...West Indies."
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    On That Note: Stay

  15. MuskieCy

    On That Note Heads Up

    As I was officiating HS ball tonight,......thank you.
  16. MuskieCy

    Article on MLB's antiquated blackout list

    Did that have anything to do with the Cubs sucking giant eggplants from day 1? Just asking.
  17. MuskieCy

    Sad news for Cyclone family

    I have edited the OP with info,
  18. MuskieCy

    Sad news for Cyclone family

    Mom Fennelly has left us.
  19. MuskieCy

    ***2023 Minnesota Vikings***
  20. MuskieCy

    Kliff Kingsbury to ...Thailand?

    KK's favorite guide book,....