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    ***North Country Open (Sunday)***

    Good. So why the lack of mentions?
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    We will be seeing a lot of Tom Manning

    I guess this will make it easier to judge whether we had an OC issue or a HC issue.
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    The three Cyclone basketball players who made you the fan you are today

    Grayer, Fizer, and for the helluvit, Lafester!
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    I feel its implicit in the mom's statement to the effect that SL should have behaved like he's wrestling a team mate. Some will say that only had to do with the post match, but I don't read it that way.
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Agreed. But then your mom shouldn't cry on social media when you get pinned. It seems like Ayala wanted to compete "kinda"--implying SL should have gone easy on him. And by the way, based on what I've seen SL will do just fine in his post wrestling career. Probably more so than Ayala.
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Sure, its a tense moment. But even so, the only really remarkable thing is the very inappropriate social media whine from Ayala's mom. And I bet if she had taken a five minute time out to quit thinking like a 10 year old, she never would have written it.
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Disagree. If there's fault here, it's the fact that a top ranked program loaded all its athletes into a "home-cookin'" low quality event. And then--gasp--they had to wrestle each other. What did they think would happen?
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Frankly, the whole thing seems overblown to me. SL is coming back from extensive knee surgery and probably preferred to play it safe. Ayala said no and SL wrestled him straight up. If Ayala cannot stay off his back, that's his problem (and also his mother's apparently). SL has always struck me...
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    Penn State dual preview

    A few years ago I felt like the overuse of stall tactics was killing the sport. Its gotten somewhat better, but still room for improvement. It also used to be that some styles (Iowa, mostly) were mostly about locking up and pushing opponents off the mat, which can be little better than stalling.
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    ***#6 Iowa State at Collegiate Duals (Dec. 19-20)***

    Team score, please?
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    Iowa Dual Discussion

    That worked out real well for his dad. just sayin.'
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I was barely tuned in, but now I'm gone -- fully out. Godspeed you suffering souls.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Ergo, bring in the guy Manning has coached the least.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I think we're aiming for the butthole of success ...
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    Wisconsin Predictions

    Best part is bolded. (I know what you meant to type..)
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    Montgomery to Rams?

    I hope he gets traded. Chicago is basically a dead end for him no matter what. He probably has more value leverage now than he will as a free agent, since teams like the Rams are under pressure to win right now. Buffalo would be ideal since they are a better team overall, but he Rams are still a...
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    Another Manning S^*T sandwich

    Maybe I'm old and feeling the weight of mortality. Or maybe I've been spoiled by our modest success in recent years compared to historical futility. Whatever the reason, I can no longer stomach terrible, losing ISU football. That's what our offense is and because of it are in the basement. It's...
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #23 Texas Game(Day) THREAD ***

    one credible offensive player—X.
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    Matt Campbell postgame quote

    I give him full credit for 2020 because that year was harder than heck in about a million ways. Look at the title of this thread. Campbell said something bone headed at exactly the wrong time. It's okay to say so. It probably won't happen again. If it continues, it may signal a problem.
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    Matt Campbell postgame quote

    Speaking of Campbell's decisions, we wouldn't be having this convo at all if our coach had addressed the game at hand in his presser, rather than deflecting to fan base criticism. I wonder if the coach that preaches personal responsibility would like to have that one back?