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  1. ChrisMWilliams

    CW Pod: A conversation with Jeff Van Gundy

  2. ChrisMWilliams

    REACTION POD: No. 12 Iowa State 80, No. 5 Kansas State 76

    Enjoy. Wild one!
  3. ChrisMWilliams

    REACTION POD: Oklahoma State 61, Iowa State 59

    Thoughts here.
  4. ChrisMWilliams

    Tip-Off with CW: OSU preview & prediction

  5. ChrisMWilliams

    Corner 3: WIlliams & Blum preview Oklahoma State

  6. ChrisMWilliams

    Conrad Hawley story Thanks CF.

    Stay tuned
  7. ChrisMWilliams

    Conrad Hawley story Thanks CF.

    Thanks a lot for the kind words everybody. You beat me to it before I could even post on the forum! I have been excited to tell the CEO's story for quite a while and after last night's game, grinded most of the night to get it done as I figured it would get seen a lot following the big win...
  8. ChrisMWilliams

    Tip-off with CW: No. 12 ISU vs. No 7 Texas

  9. ChrisMWilliams

    Buying from Cycloneking

    Googled his email address. This guy is doing this all over the internet on fan sites across the country. His IPs are banned from CF.
  10. ChrisMWilliams

    Buying from Cycloneking

    Man I'm sorry guys. Banning him and IP now. Will look into getting this guy what he deserves.
  11. ChrisMWilliams

    Williams & Blum Pod: Purdy, Kansas reaction, Tyrese Hunter's return

  12. ChrisMWilliams

    Tip-Off with CW: Iowa State at Kansas

  13. ChrisMWilliams

    REACTION POD: On Iowa State's 84-50 stomping of Texas Tech

  14. ChrisMWilliams

    Tip-Off w/ CW: No. 14 Iowa State vs. Texas Tech preview & prediction

    I'm on the Clones. Need to play wait and see with Texas Tech injuries to see specifics. Enjoy.