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  1. LarryISU

    Iowa State edge target Jefferson Adams to announce commitment at 7pm Monday

    Misspelling name increases our chances apparently. ;)
  2. LarryISU

    Big 12/SEC Challenge comes to an end. Thank god.

    I haven't checked, but common sense tells you we got hosed. There's no way all 10 teams played 6 road games.
  3. LarryISU

    ***2022-23 MBB General Thread***

    Lost to 3 unranked teams, (Iowa, Northwestern and PSU). Then they beat 4 unranked teams. So 4-3 in January all against unranked teams. He must have meant they are playing as well as anyone in between Indianapolis and Louisville.
  4. LarryISU

    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +3)

    Obviously Rhule will keep the 40 or so "new" players and have to tell about 18 guys who wanted to stay on the team that they are no longer welcome. Or, as Jeff said above, give those "unwanted" players each $10,000 cash. You know.... for their name, or their image that all the fans will be...
  5. LarryISU

    *** Official #5 Kansas State vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Yes! You would hope that's a quick fix. You can't be guarding a guy standing right under the basket on an inbounds and then think you can switch. Freshman mistake I hope.
  6. LarryISU

    *** Official #5 Kansas State vs #12 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I never understand betting lines. We are favored over the #5 team by roughly the same amount as TCU at home is over Oklahoma. Kansas State is on a roll, playing better than us, and not missing two starters, but oddly is an underdog. TCU just manhandled KU. I would think TCU by 10 and K State by...
  7. LarryISU

    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +3)

    Not that we give two hoots about Nebraska, but on the radio this morning they said the Huskers have 38 total new players and an even 100 scholarships committed for 2023. They have to get down to 85 not until the start of Fall camp. I have seen posters on here say you can't ever go over 85, but...
  8. LarryISU

    ****Official Class Of 2024 Recruiting Thread****

    On the podcast, CW said we see him as a point guard. So he's everything but a rim protector I guess. And he's only 16 right now. He'll be our point shooting wing. Royce White?
  9. LarryISU

    B12/SEC Challenge...

    Factor in that the road teams from Big 12 will be called for 25 fouls. These challenges are always unfair to the side with just 10 teams to choose from.
  10. LarryISU

    ****Official Class Of 2024 Recruiting Thread****

    Described as "shooting guard" but also "wing." So, "shooting wing?" I like it!!!
  11. LarryISU

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    That guy is a Hawkeye fan, I assume? He should know better. They have had players improve, but not because of Fran. If Garza and the Murrays got better due to Mad Fran, that's a well-kept secret.
  12. LarryISU

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Certainly one of the worst. Virginia #1 losing to UMBC in the tournament is a more devastating loss, even if the point spread wasn't as much. But just by points favored, you may be right.
  13. LarryISU

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Iowa final record should be 18 - 13. Conference 10 - 10. Probably an 8/9 seed. Unless the Fran Fade kicks in. But they have a good chance to avoid that with an upcoming 3-game homestand. I would think their fans would consider this a successful season at 18 - 13.
  14. LarryISU

    *** Official #12 IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    How are we ahead? Grill MIA. GK missing everything.
  15. LarryISU

    When does 2023 Conference Schedule come out?

    Looking ahead to 2023, I didn't see that anyone had discussed what 2022 meant for ISU with regard to next year. Some stats I thought were of interest: We completed 65% of our passes, 313 / 479; Opponents 59%, 190 / 322 We averaged 108 yards rushing, our opponents 107 We averaged 370 yards...
  16. LarryISU

    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Sorry if someone already discussed, but since when does a team get 3 home games in a row? I am quite certain I have never seen that, ever, during conference play. Did every team get that?
  17. LarryISU

    Sour Grapes

    Here's how good the Big 12 is; the defending national champions and #2 team in the country has this conference record so far: KU 69 - 67 OK ST KU 75 - 72 TTU KU 76 - 62 WVU KU 75 - 72 OU KU 62 - 60 ISU KSU 83 - 82 KU in OT Almost every game is a nerve-rattling heart attack experience...
  18. LarryISU

    New Spring ‘23 Roster Up

    I count 27 players with meaningful playing experience. I think that's good. Hopeful. Let's hope these new coaches and strength team translate to better play, more wins! We have 7 and 1/2 months to assume the best.
  19. LarryISU

    Incoming Transfers?

    I think he's coming from an FCS school.
  20. LarryISU

    Incoming Transfers?

    Wasn't it said that Texas was giving like $50,000 or $100,000 to all of their starting offensive linemen? I'd say that is paying to retain them. Plus they don't have much portal action going on. So, yeah, I think they pay to keep players.