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  1. everyyard

    Hawk support for Patrick McCaffery

    Honestly, I wonder how much support any player not named McCaffrey would have had from the head coach for a mental health leave.
  2. everyyard

    **** the Refs

    Awaiting repeat of the 1-1 fouls shots with a counted illegal field goal in between.
  3. everyyard

    Lazard moving on

  4. everyyard

    49ers - Brock Purdy

    A lot of people raised in the “ribbons for everyone” era with easy to hurt feelings. I guarantee the title is not bothering Purdy a bit. Might even be continuing to motivate him. The title is for fun because someone has to be last and after this year, it will be even more publicized.
  5. everyyard

    Big 12 games thus far...

    Agree, OU isn’t so much a home court, just a court.
  6. everyyard

    Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin

    It could be normal. Won’t know until take him off sedation. There are people who are neuro cognitively normal after arrest and ROSC.
  7. everyyard

    Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin

    Agree, they all get EKG and echo’s these days and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy/sub-aortic stenosis/long QT would likely be found.
  8. everyyard

    Signing Day Central

    Ngoyi is a Cyclone
  9. everyyard

    Cyclones Gear/Collectibles Swap

    Only if it’s worth that to you.
  10. everyyard

    Is Fibromayalga Real?

    What does real mean? It is definitely a real experience.
  11. everyyard

    Mike Leach thread

    Also, shortness of breath that was “pneumonia” could have been heart disease angina equivalent. Sometimes a diagnosis is wrong.
  12. everyyard

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)

    The Crystals one was trash. Hope this is better.
  13. everyyard

    Florida QB arrested on child pornography charge

    Transfer portal to Baylor?
  14. everyyard

    Barry Sanders

    Seemed to work out for him.
  15. everyyard

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #4 TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    Defense was certainly part of it but then you ignoring what Purdy, Hall, Koler, Lazard, Butler, and Montgomery did in spite of awful o-line play, scheme, and play calling.
  16. everyyard

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #4 TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    And some pretty elite NFL caliber talent. It sure as hell wasn’t play calling, scheme, or special teams.
  17. everyyard

    *** Official IOWA STATE vs #4 TCU Game(Day) Thread ***

    I’m done. Starting to look at Campbell with a pretty critical eye. 2023 doesn’t look any better.
  18. everyyard

    What’s going at Casey’s?

    Most Casey’s employees I see spend as much time out in front of the store smoking as they do working. Kwik Star for me.
  19. everyyard

    Can we talk about Osun Osunniyi?

    4 fouls.