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  1. throwittoblythe

    Children of the 90's: Surge or Jolt?

    Definitely Surge for me. Like many people here, I'm sure, we had a "pop fridge" at home in the garage. My parents weren't drinkers, so it was just pop in there. During the Surge phase, I'd probably drink 6-12 cans in a day on a weekend, easy. If it wasn't Surge, it was Mt. Dew or any other sugar...
  2. throwittoblythe

    MLB: Idiot Joe Kelly

    I think it will be really interesting to find out how many of the Astros stars from the previous few years are actually good major league hitters. I'm not saying they're not talented, they certainly are. But, for example, Altuve has a .315 lifetime average. How much of that is aided by the...
  3. throwittoblythe

    Friday OT #1 - Feels Like Summer

    I don't have an album, necessarily, but this song by the Nadas always reminds me of summer. I'm not sure why, other than maybe I just discovered it in summertime.
  4. throwittoblythe

    Friday OT #2 - Typecast

    Don't forget Pet Semetary!
  5. throwittoblythe

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    I run into a similar-ish issue with my FIL. I'm a civil engineer. Yet, he's always asking me to troubleshoot his computer/phone problems. He thinks since I'm an engineer, I know all about computers and tech. I always tell him "I just use them, just like you." Yes, I can use trial and error to...
  6. throwittoblythe

    MLB: Idiot Joe Kelly

    You'll certainly remember this one. They don't show it in the shot, but after Austin slams his bat, Kelly gives him a "come on over, let's go" with his hand. You can kind of see it in the behind view. I loved Kelly for that moment. Though I have no horse in this race otherwise.
  7. throwittoblythe

    MLB: Idiot Joe Kelly

    Loved him when he was with the Cards. Hard throwing, incredibly athletic pitcher. I was sad to see him go. Though, his performance has only been so-so his whole career. I'll also add this, since many may not remember it...
  8. throwittoblythe

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    "Dirt engineer" is the easiest way to explain it to the layman. Though I know many in that profession deride anyone who calls it "dirt" and not "soil." Frankly, I could not give a damn. :)
  9. throwittoblythe

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    This is a better description of my case, as well. My parents know I work in the civil/construction engineering world. But what I specifically do everyday, they don't get.
  10. throwittoblythe

    OT: Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright

    Simple question for the CF community: Do your parents understand what you do for a living? As in, do they have a firm grasp on what you ACTUALLY do? For me, the answer is a straight "no." I work in the civil/construction engineering world. I started my career as a geotechnical engineer (dirt...
  11. throwittoblythe

    Friday OT #3 - The Amazonian

    Mine certainly took off once I signed up for Prime. They started that in 2007, so I probably signed up in 2009/2010 or somewhere around there. Now we have the Prime Visa card, which gets me 5% back on anything purchased through amazon. We still really only buy things we need and aren't flippant...
  12. throwittoblythe

    Friday OT #3 - The Amazonian

    What a fantastic idea for a thread! I’ll go with my first three, from oldest to newest: 1) Dogma DVD (2002) 2) NOW That’s What I Call Christmas CD (2004) 3) Tupac: Resurrection CD (2005) What I think is interesting is that I only ordered one thing each of these years and didn’t order anything...
  13. throwittoblythe

    Friday OT #1 - Ain't no other way to play the game the way I play

    Non-free TV. I was very cheap when we were first married and right out of college. My wife and I did not have anything for TV except rabbit ears (and this was pre-Netflix/streaming) and DVDs. We rented movies on the weekends and watched a lot of The Office, Parks and Rec, etc on DVD. We did this...
  14. throwittoblythe

    Post Positive Stuff Here

    Don't know if you or others have experienced this, but we're buying more groceries than usual, which means more fuel savers at HyVee. We're also basically not driving at all except the 2 mile round trip to the store. Our fuel expenses for the past few months (after fuel savers) have been...
  15. throwittoblythe

    Thursday OT - For No Good Reason

    For some reason this one always pops into my mind when my kids are watching old Disney cartoons. I don't know if I saw it on TV regularly, or perhaps it was on one of the few VHS tapes we owned, but I know as a kid I watched it many, many times.
  16. throwittoblythe

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    I was at ISU from 2003-2008. I was in marching band for the 2004, 2005, and 2006 FB seasons. It was a mixed bag of sports for me during my time at ISU. 2003 FB was awful, but I didn't pay it much attention. Got to go to two bowl games while in marching band: Independence Bowl and Texas Bowl...
  17. throwittoblythe

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    I had a very similar experience with ISU 2010 vs Utah at JTS. The team wasn't rolling by any means, they were 3-2 coming into that game. But we had just handled UNI (as we should) and beat TTU by 2TDs the following week. I remember there being a lot of optimism at that time. "This is where we...
  18. throwittoblythe

    Post Positive Stuff Here

    I started an informal job search (just put out feelers) before COVID started. Once it really hit and set in, I sort of resigned myself to thinking that I'd be stuck in my job for at least another year, if not more, due to economic downturn. I've been pleasantly surprised to have 3 solid offers...
  19. throwittoblythe

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    Personally, it's McCarney's last year, 2006. Won first two games against Toledo and UNLV, then went on a run of 1-8 with that one win being against UNI in Week 5. Capped off with the fun win against Mizzou to end the era, but damn, that was a tough year to sit through.
  20. throwittoblythe

    COVID-19 Unemployed/Employed Roll Call Poll

    That's very frustrating. I work in a small office as well, probably 15 people there on a busy day, but most days it's less than 10. We have COVID protocols, but honestly, no one is following them. I just stay in my office with the door shut. Thankfully, our company hasn't been pushing back on...