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  1. demoncore1031

    Vikings fans...

    Did you know that Wonnum was committed to ISU? And then Indiana. And then South Carolina.
  2. demoncore1031

    FB roster update

    I think the roster has been updated again. There are some walk-ons I don't remember seeing a couple weeks ago, and Isheem Young has changed his number to 1.
  3. demoncore1031

    2021 Football Targets

    I think two TE's in his class is a must. They staff offered a bunch of TE's early on for that very reason. Moore will probably be average at best, which is fine. I could see maybe going with a JUCO kid as well considering we lose Allen and Soehner and there's a good chance that Kolar will leave...
  4. demoncore1031

    On That Note : Breaking the Law

    Uncle Charlie
  5. demoncore1031

    Autographed Cyclone Cap

    Fiddy bones isn't bad for a Johnny Orr autograph.
  6. demoncore1031

    North Shore MN recommendations

    They have some awesome bridges up in that area.
  7. demoncore1031

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    One day I would bet that trendy ass dumb people will bring back the Hitler 'stache.
  8. demoncore1031

    RIP Wilford Brimley

  9. demoncore1031

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    Douche magic?
  10. demoncore1031

    RIP Wilford Brimley

  11. demoncore1031

    RIP Wilford Brimley

    I couldn't watch the Sugar Bowl last year...... 'cause I got diabeetus.
  12. demoncore1031

    Ball state added to Schedule

    Ball State was much better than their 5-7 record last year. They blew out Toledo, and hung with Indiana, FAU and N.C. State. They only lost by 8 to Notre Dame in 2018. I'm not sure what they lost in the off-season, but they should be decent this year, assuming we have a season. Looking through...
  13. demoncore1031

    2022 Football Targets

    Xavier Nwankpa now warm to ISU, Iowa and Mizzou.
  14. demoncore1031

    The world needs sports ...

    Unless the Eagles win the Super Bowl, but their fans are jackasses.