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  1. Rogue52

    Is Brock Purdy the most clutch player in the state of Iowa's history?

    Purdy is great. Just think if he had a little more height.
  2. Rogue52

    Reports of P5 commisioners having emergency meeting

    pickup trucks...tats...pumpkin spice IPAs. Which bar are we talking about here?
  3. Rogue52

    I desperately want realignment for football

    It doesn’t make any sense unless those are the only 4 B1G presidents voting yes to playing a season. Even then, it seems like their are massive legal hurdles and we got a month left before the season is suppose to begin.
  4. Rogue52

    My guess is the season gets postponed next week ...

    I agree with the sentiment, but the financial pain weighs on the decision. If there is anyway a spring season makes sense and can be played, I think it happens because of that.
  5. Rogue52

    TOE announces 10k to 15k in Kinnick Stadiun this fall, change season ticket packages

    Any word how Iowa plans to sell the 10-15K single game tickets? e.g. Lottery?, Donor Priority?, Get in line, tickets go on sale at 8 AM?
  6. Rogue52

    August 6, 2020 update from Pollard

    Iowa going to single game tickets but no real clarity on how that is going to work from what I can see.
  7. Rogue52

    College Football Claiming Poverty

    OP needed a Steve Prohm defensive timeout after posting this.
  8. Rogue52

    Big XII ADs Split on Schedule - Presidents Voting on Monday

    I disagree with the decision but keep UNLV.
  9. Rogue52

    Has COVID changed your opinion of paying college athletes?

    The poll question doesn’t answer the question raised in the thread title. And I think the question raised in the thread title is more interesting - has your opinion changed?
  10. Rogue52

    Big XII ADs Split on Schedule - Presidents Voting on Monday

    I think they play with no fans and conference only. The only reason I think that is because there is no bailout of athletic departments coming.
  11. Rogue52

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Could someone pick out the best 5 seconds or screen capture of this for a perfect gif?
  12. Rogue52

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    If Captain Kirk can still turn the 2 stars into 1st round draft picks without Chris Doyle, then he's probably fine. Life on the recruiting trail isn't going to pretty though. Captain Kirk has almost spent his 9 lives, but he's been helped out by a complicit media.
  13. Rogue52

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Looks like this account was deleted.
  14. Rogue52

    Star Wars Expanded Universe Thread

    Getting pod racing 2.0 was doomed whenever "parsec" became defined as a unit of distance as opposed to time.
  15. Rogue52

    WWE SummerSlam (2020) Thread

    I got out of WWE sometime in 2013. I randomly watched the final hour of Monday Night RAW a week ago. Nothing really jumped out at me to suggest I should get back in, but one hour of one week isn’t a fair assessment. I signed up for WWE Network a couple weeks back for the sole purpose of...
  16. Rogue52


    In an attempt to get things back on topic... How long do you think the “decision makers” can hold out before they need to decide: 1) no fans 2) no season For reference, for the NCAA basketball tournament, decision time was 1) 2 weeks prior 2) 1 week prior. That may not be a good example...
  17. Rogue52

    Star Wars - How to Properly View

    If you’ve never seen them, just do it in release order. 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8,9
  18. Rogue52

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Has anything been said on when the internal review will be completed?