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  1. weR138

    B12 wunderlic'd ...

    Did a super quick swipe of Wonderlic scores at the only position I'd presume it matters, QB. Mahommes = 24 Favre = 22 Low to mid twenties is good enough for stud QBs. Not sure why anyone else would even take it?...
  2. weR138

    Better Call Saul

    We're all BB fans and we all know that "no one get's out of the BB universe alive". But I've heard that Gilligan / Gould don't intend to kill Kim. Anyway, I really hope they don't because I think it would come across as lazy writing. I've also seen baseless internet speculation that if not...
  3. weR138

    Friday OT - It's Murder By Numbers, One, Two, Three

    Yeah, The legend of The Misfits compared to what one might think they'd made from the original band years ('77-'83) is a gigantic disparity. When asked, I've seen GD say that the experience in a van, getting stiffed, empty shows, etc. I'd always assumed that they'd become...
  4. weR138

    Friday OT - It's Murder By Numbers, One, Two, Three

    Funny you should ask. IIRC correctly it was always the last track on side two of the cassette (it was released that way in '83). I looked it up on Friday and discovered it was released as the B-side of the Every Breath You Take single. I'd never known that. It just goes to show the industry...
  5. weR138

    Friday OT - It's Murder By Numbers, One, Two, Three

    Hello LITA, hello JOAN.
  6. weR138

    Friday OT - It's Murder By Numbers, One, Two, Three

    So Peter Gabriel for sure then, right? Joan Jett & Lita Ford. Glenn Danzig Henry Rollins likely has had more material success not even singing than with Black Flag. EDIT: fun fact, I bought Synchronicity on vinyl when it came out and Murder By Numbers isn't on the vinyl album. It had three...
  7. weR138

    Thread of great guitarists

    I've posted this before but have to do it in this thread. Adrian Belew was like an after-market booster for TH. He was like AMG to Mercedes Benz, next level.
  8. weR138

    Thread of great guitarists

    I bought SY Goo when it came out in 1990 (I was a HS Freshman) and wanted to be Thurston Moore when I grew up. I presume you have or have heard his solo album Psychic Hearts (1995). It just totally blew me away.
  9. weR138

    Anyone using extra time to read more?

    No. But I did like this take. I usually loathe these self help guys because they seem so often to just perfect obviousness. But I have to admit, I like the dude.
  10. weR138

    Led Zeppelin

    Uhhhh, his cool nickname...? Congratulations on your advances Steely Dan degree, professor.
  11. weR138

    Friday OT #1 - I've Been Walking Central Park, Singin' After Dark

    I'm another person that misses baseball... At lunch I YouTube'd the Pine Tar Game and began watching it in it's entirety. I was eight ('83 season) when it went down and by then my family was regularly going to Yankees / Royals games in KC. The Pine Tar Game was in the Bronx and I'd seen the...
  12. weR138

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

  13. weR138

    Brett McMurphy article on possibilities for 2020 football season

    The only problem I see is for independents (boo hoo ND). G5 has a fully separate season from P5 and play only conference games. It sucks, but it's just one season. I say we just push the season back an do conference games only. I'm mostly concerned with getting back to normal asap and it...
  14. weR138

    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    As tuff as Mizzuruh?
  15. weR138

    Led Zeppelin

    Check out my man Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on guitar!
  16. weR138

    Led Zeppelin

    Very little...but dig Seamus (that's the dog...)
  17. weR138

    Led Zeppelin

    This is a whole different thread...but Clapton could be right. To me, it's absolutely tragic that Prince didn't record more guitar work. He was a witch!
  18. weR138

    Led Zeppelin

    No, it's just a thought experiment....but, consider Page's "competition"; Beck, Townsend, Clapton, HENDRIX, etc. He's farther from "greatest" guitarist than Bonham or Plant are from greatest drummer / singer. I think a poll of rock journalist would agree (would love to see one). JPJ is the...
  19. weR138

    Monday OT - A Policeman Knew My Name

    The Architect (sans quotes) INTJ-T...can't argue.