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    -MUSIC- Favorite Summer Bands

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    anyone still use sling tv?

    Philo is $20/mo for most cable channels excluding sports & news. Includes DVR Tablo for OTA $6/mo with auto Skip dvr
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application
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    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    Are deaths MN residents. Mayo may be influencing the stats.
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    Led Zeppelin

    Generation Rock influencers Greatest Gen—-Chuck Berry Silent Gen—Elvis Presley Boomer—Rollingstones Gen X—- Nirvana Millennial —Arcade Fire Gen Z—rock is dead
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    Hy-Vee-What's up?

    West Ames HyVee blocking the opening in the produce area to route you through the cheese and bakery areas is annoying.
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    Baker Mayfield "alleged" Side Chick Spills The Tea

    Needs a Ray Donovan.
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    Security Camera Suggestions

    Unpopular opinion. Avoid security cameras. We are becoming a surveillance state locking ourselves into a digital prison.
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    The magic is gone

    -Poor coaching. -Boring pregame and walkout. -Turning the volume of the music down. -same song rotation. -Excessive ad/marketing. -Closing off the walkway for the club. -Putting Johnny’s statue inside members only club. -weird lighting.
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Now or later we are going to pay.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    Things that make you go hmmm.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    Hey bus driver... play some BTO.
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    worked for Sears.
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    Poll: Iowa State +10.5 vs Baylor

    Is that good?
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    KXNO/iHeart Layoffs

    Adam Carolla created a successful podcast network after being fired from radio. I have to think that there is enough talent from KXNO to form something equivalent for Iowa sports and entertainment.
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    In the Stands OSU Edition: Guy falling from upper deck

    Not sure, seems like this happened at the Pink Floyd concert.
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    RAGBRAI Organizers Split from Register

    When was the conference planned? Was/is Ragbrai a participan? Which ride is the guy who blasts the Iowa Fight Song the whole route choosing?
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    And from the "I've heard this before" rumor mill ...

    Not believable. Can’t imagine a pair of rival in-state schools coordinating conference membership together.