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  1. ISUAgronomist

    Rake your lawn Saturday!

    West wind blows leaves to the neighbors. Not my problem any more!
  2. ISUAgronomist

    Urban Meyer to Texas??

    Urban is too smart to go to Texas. Herman won't last much longer...that I can see.
  3. ISUAgronomist

    Trevor Lawrence Tests Positive for Covid-19

    Just in time for a blow off game. Perfect timing to get it IMO.
  4. ISUAgronomist

    Lowe's vs. Home Depot

    I hit Northern occasionally or online. Some times you find name brand stuff from them slashed to crazy low prices for some reason online. I assume they get stuff dumped from the manufacturer to move quick.
  5. ISUAgronomist

    Lowe's vs. Home Depot

    Harbor Freight is the cheap made Chinese knockoff of other cheap Chinese knockoffs. It does serve a purpose though. It's where you go to buy something that you need for one single project super cheap and can reasonable assume you'll never use again.
  6. ISUAgronomist

    Lowe's vs. Home Depot

    Agree here. I don't buy tools at Menards.
  7. ISUAgronomist

    Lowe's vs. Home Depot

    For me: Menards 1st. Home Depot only if I can't find what I want online. Lowes = Never Yes, Craftsman went to **** about 15 years ago though.
  8. ISUAgronomist

    Wisconsin QB tests positive for Covid

    So can those QBs opt out of the season and get another season?
  9. ISUAgronomist

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    BOOM! Brock was patient there
  10. ISUAgronomist

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    Damn. Hopefully they can keep it contained into RMNP. Save the town, rural homes, and YMCA of the Rockies properties.
  11. ISUAgronomist

    ADT Salesman or Scam?

    Does Adel keep records of solicitor permits (assuming they issue them)?
  12. ISUAgronomist

    Pooka Williams Opting out

    Wow. KU's gonna suck again....
  13. ISUAgronomist

    Winter Weather - 10/18 - 10/19

    Time for the annual snow blower thread!!!
  14. ISUAgronomist

    Kelechi Osemele with very significant injury

    Yeah compound fracture of leg + dislocated ankle......just a cramp
  15. ISUAgronomist

    ***CFB Games Oct. 9-10th***

    Highlight of the day: