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  1. Clonefan32

    Was iHeart Radio hacked?

    Are we sure this wasn't just Steve Deace's return to Central Iowa radio?
  2. Clonefan32

    Trevor Lawrence Tests Positive for Covid-19

    In looking up the backup I stumbled on this write up of him coming out of high school: Big, strong armed quarterback with generational arm strength. Has a big frame but looks lean and is well put together. Has one of the strongest arms in recent memory and has won ‘long ball’ contests with a...
  3. Clonefan32

    Kick Off Following ISU's 14 point Score at OSU

    Again, I'd like to think a D1 football player would not be both scared of having to catch the ball and being tackled as I apparently was. But if they happen to be, sounds like a great idea.
  4. Clonefan32

    Kick Off Following ISU's 14 point Score at OSU

    Granted any D1 football player has a much higher football proficiency than me, I often found myself as the "upback" on kickoffs and was always terrified they'd pooch one to me. I wanted no part of that ****.
  5. Clonefan32

    Friday OT #2 - Show Me That Smile Again

    I have 4 kids under the age of 10. The first one I helped we worked out a pretty intricate design. The last one got three triangles and a smiley face.
  6. Clonefan32

    Nebraska should just file for a divorce from the Big 10.....

    Not enough bad things can happen to Nebraska.
  7. Clonefan32

    MLB: ***2020 MLB Season Thread***

    Oh I agree. I'm sure the regardless of whether he truly had it or not the MLB will come down on him for not following the protocols, as they should. I read that as of yesterday no one else on the Dodgers had contracted it. I haven't looked to see if that changed today. But I'd just be amazed if...
  8. Clonefan32

    Quinn Ewers #1 2022 prospect decommits from Texas

    As much as I dislike OSU, it would seem to me if you want to play in the NFL going there or 'Bama would be the way to go. Texas isn't exactly known for getting their QBs to the NFL...
  9. Clonefan32

    What’s your Thanksgiving and Christmas going to look like?

    I'm looking forward to this year being just cause to taper back our Thanksgiving celebration. I'm the type that would prefer a smaller gathering with only immediate family, and maybe a few members of extended family, anyway. My wife and her family are much more in the invite everyone, 50+ people...
  10. Clonefan32

    Matt Campbell doesn’t see a huge difference in Kansas’ offense without Pooka Williams

    "Don't let the -158 point differential fool you-- these guys can play."
  11. Clonefan32

    Ranking the Big 12 QB's

    I think there's plenty of blame to go around on our passing attack. But if they are going to continue to call plays down the field for guys who struggle to get open, Brock is either going to have to go back to being creative outside the pocket or continue to struggle.
  12. Clonefan32

    MLB: ***2020 MLB Season Thread***

    I'd just bet it is a false positive. From what I read the Dodgers have been sequestered in a "bubble" since October 4. I'd have to imagine MLB has it very well regulated who comes in and out. And if he got it in that "bubble" I would have to imagine others would have tested positive by yesterday...
  13. Clonefan32

    Tamin Lipsey recruiting thread

    I'm guessing there wasn't a ton of evaluation going on this past spring/summer AAU circuit. He has had kind of a Peter Jok like career arch so far, and if he wound up with similar college success to Jok you'd certainly take that.
  14. Clonefan32

    College Gameday going to be from The Masters Nov. 14

    I guess I think it's kind of cool. You can't have fans at it anyway, so why not broadcast from somewhere different? It's not like there's a ton of riveting content from week to week. Run a few specials. Beat to death few of the same talking points. Feed Corso a few lines to make picks.
  15. Clonefan32

    2020 Chicago Bears Thread

    About 3-4 times a game you will see him get swarmed immediately upon getting the ball and get up with a look on his face like "you've got to be ******* kidding me." I can't imagine what it would feel like to stand back there, knowing the ball is coming to you, and knowing that several 250+...
  16. Clonefan32

    Why is our passing game hot garbage?

    The receivers inability to get open is absolutely making our line's job harder. OSU correctly figured out if they bring pressure they'll get to Brock faster than a receiver can get open just about every time. So it's left to the line to have to sort out all kinds of pressure, which of course is...
  17. Clonefan32

    2020 Chicago Bears Thread

    Groundhogs, dogs, bears. This has turned into an animal thread.
  18. Clonefan32

    2020 Chicago Bears Thread

    I can't tell if DM is just really bad at finding a hole to run through, if the line is that bad, or a combination of both. But every time he touches the ball it's groundhogs day.
  19. Clonefan32

    Where should I move?

    I have had multiple clients of mine tell me they missed the Iowa weather when they moved to a warmer climate. They said they didn't realize how much they would miss seeing the seasons change and that the monotony of great weather actually gets old. Warm weather obviously has its perk, but for...
  20. Clonefan32

    Baylor running backs

    Baylor reverting back to dog **** would be cause for great celebration. Screw them.