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  1. heitclone

    A bad B1G defensive weekend

    In the b1g west, you get to play 4 KU's every year. You don't have to be good, just a little bit better than the bottom tier and you can compete for the division.
  2. heitclone

    Prohm in top 20 of list of college basketball coaches

    Thought for sure it would a best dressed list....
  3. heitclone

    College Gameday going to be from The Masters Nov. 14

    This is a dumb idea but the show isn't the same as a normal year anyway so who cares. I really only cared about where they do the show from when it was in Ames. It does seem odd from a political standpoint ESPN is pretty involved in the social justice movements of '20 and Augusta has as ugly a...
  4. heitclone

    MBB Conference Schedule Released

    4 would seem like about the best scenario, any other wins would be a pretty big upset, I could see us being underdogs in all but KSU/OSU at home. That is more about who we play than anything about our team. It's just a brutal league.
  5. heitclone

    MBB Conference Schedule Released

    Those first 10 games....yikes. That could easily be a 2-8, 3-7 type of start. This place could be in full meltdown mode by Feb 1st. Hope the new guys are ready for the big 12, it's no joke, especially in this shortened season.
  6. heitclone

    [dekkers for heisman] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Does this make 3 straight years of heading in to November controlling our own destiny? Or is it 4?
  7. heitclone

    So, after your oSu game here's my power ranking ...

    K state has proven themselves to better coached, more consistent and they have competent special teams play. I think we are more talented but we lack discipline. They are better in the margins as some would say. We just aren't ready for primetime yet. They are above us right now, could change...
  8. heitclone

    Arizona BB charged with 9 NCAA violations

    They'll probably get credit for sitting out the tourney last year.
  9. heitclone

    Tyrese Haliburton Draft Stock Still on the Rise

    I used to think this was true but is it really anymore? It's been 4 years since they've been out of the first round, DeRozan wants out so it's about to be a total gut job and Pop won't be around to see the rebuild through. Tyrese's first contract will be up by the time they'd be competitive again.
  10. heitclone

    Some interesting matchups this weekend ...

    The Baylor/UT line surprises me, the only thing I think Herman has going for him is its a must win game. Horn's at 1-4 would be great drama for the rest of the season.
  11. heitclone

    Some interesting matchups this weekend ...

    I like all the favorites except Tech, I hope I'm 4-1....
  12. heitclone

    Friday OT: I want to be a golden retriever when I grow up

    My mom loves to trot out an old preschool assignment where I apparently wanted to be Big Bird because he was tall and yellow. I'm about 6'3 so I'm tall-ish but as far as yellow....
  13. heitclone

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    I think I read that 36 was closed d/t this as well so it was just 34.
  14. heitclone

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    This was 2pm this afternoon in Estes
  15. heitclone

    Enjoy football season, I guess ...

    If Hinson were on campus and playing, I think we'd be on that list. Without him, we have to hope for one of the frosh to step up. With such a strong class, I don't think that's out of the question. I'd be more optimistic about a tourney spot if it were a normal season. The longer non con would...
  16. heitclone

    WATCH: Mike Gundy previews Iowa State

    Them putting up 400 yards of offense and 3 TD plays of over 50 yards was a pretty big deal as well. They averaged 10 yards every time they threw and about 5 yards per rush. We did a good job keeping the ball away from them but as far as their offense vs our defense, we slowed them down a bit but...
  17. heitclone

    Pandemic brings out the best in this hawk fan

    They look like the kind of dudes that have "gf's at another school"
  18. heitclone

    ****Official Class of 2021 Recruiting Thread****

    Crean can recruit because he also pays
  19. heitclone

    WATCH: Mike Gundy previews Iowa State

    Not a shock to hear his comments on us. I mean, he's had our number. Almost every team in our league has a game or two where Heacock 's defense gave them fits...except for OSU. The Brock game we beat them was their worst team in over a decade and they still put up 42 on us. People don't like...
  20. heitclone

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    This lawsuit won't be based on things any former player says, Kirk's reputation and character aren't the topic here. It's going to be the report that says he oversaw a program that racially discriminated against black players. These type of things should have come out months ago, during the...