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  1. CyCrazy

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Okie State is better than us deal with it.
  2. CyCrazy

    I love Jirehl Brock

    Sure it is, i dont want him to leave but if he wants playing time it will be awhile.
  3. CyCrazy

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Well it was Kansas. Those mistakes burned us against the Pokes.
  4. CyCrazy

    I love Jirehl Brock

    I would bet he transfers, seems like a good kid but won't sniff enough playing time.
  5. CyCrazy

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    clonedude has been doing this for over a decade.
  6. CyCrazy

    ***CFB Games Oct. 30 & 31st***

    Lol, pretty accurate.
  7. CyCrazy

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Call it a day debbie downer. jfc all you do is ***** and moan.
  8. CyCrazy

    Rake your lawn Saturday!

    Raking is for the birds, I just mulch them up
  9. CyCrazy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    Thats why I call them Crapple, I will never have an Iphone.
  10. CyCrazy

    ***CFB Games Oct. 30 & 31st***

    True, and I dont think so.
  11. CyCrazy

    ***CFB Games Oct. 30 & 31st***

    Easy pal, Illinois will win. Well I hope, maybe, ya doubtful fml.
  12. CyCrazy

    Android Phone Upgrades

    I like my S10, but I also get a new phone about every 6 years or so.
  13. CyCrazy

    Wisconsin QB tests positive for Covid

    Nebby the gift that keeps on giving.
  14. CyCrazy

    How many have ever been contacted for a poll?

    Yes through text, I respond by telling them to **** off.
  15. CyCrazy

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    Who knew Chad Henne was still in the league.
  16. CyCrazy

    Which of our prior offensive coordinators would you prefer?

    Robert Mcfarland and Wayne Bolt.
  17. CyCrazy

    Buckeyes will be missing 12 v. Bugeaters

    This is the correct answer.
  18. CyCrazy

    Bars for watching the Oklahoma State Game

    I wouldn't and I have 2 daughters.
  19. CyCrazy

    It’s a good day if you’re a Nebraska fan...

    Lol, what a loser fan base. OSU doesn't give a **** about Nebby
  20. CyCrazy

    Going to Stillwater - 2020 COVID-19 Style

    It wasn't Eskimo Joes, but it was Indigo Joes probably 15 plus years ago, it was a sports bar.