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  1. Remo Gaggi

    Rake your lawn Saturday!

    Raking next weekend, after leaves drop.I've got a bunch of trees loaded.
  2. Remo Gaggi

    ***CFB Games Oct. 30 & 31st***

    What a trash league. Nobody plays defense in the Little 10.
  3. Remo Gaggi

    Nebraska should just file for a divorce from the Big 10.....

    Never let them back. Never. They bring nothing of value to Iowa State. Let them wither on the vine.
  4. Remo Gaggi

    Spencer Tillman in love with the Oklahoma State Defense, hates our team

    What you gotta do to Spencer Tillman is cut his hamstring ...
  5. Remo Gaggi

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    Here's the latest delusional statement from the hokeye message board regarding Breece: He is a scrawny little back that would be broken in two in the B1G, he wouldn't last three games. But playing in the Texas/Sunbelt league like he does no one can tackle. I would take any of Iowa's three backs.
  6. Remo Gaggi

    Spencer Petras vs Zach Wilson

    Best chance for a bowl is the quick lane grease monkey bowl in lovely Detroit, or my favorite, the pinstripe bowl in January. Dress warm, hoks!
  7. Remo Gaggi

    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    What Uncle Rico wanted to be.
  8. Remo Gaggi

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    Big scores and impressive stats get attention in the media and in the heads of recruits. Everybody knows that. Dabo doesn't take the foot off the gas, and neither will Matt.
  9. Remo Gaggi

    Spencer Petras vs Zach Wilson

    2 games maybe. Check out their website, they are all choosing their next coach.
  10. Remo Gaggi

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    I should have qualified my statement. 400 yards, 5 TDs in the first quarter. There. How's that. Then Jirehl comes in a busts out for 200 and 3 TDs. Oh, by the way, Northwestern curbstomps the hoks by 30 on Saturday.
  11. Remo Gaggi

    Breece Hall #4 in NCAA rushing yardage

    Wait until he gets to KU this weekend. I think 400 yards and 5 TDs are in order.
  12. Remo Gaggi

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    Here's what it looked like in town. We left early Saturday morning, and you could see the smoke plume heading east over the state. Really amazing and sad.
  13. Remo Gaggi

    Rocky Mountain National Park - Hiking

    My family and I were in Estes last week. Here's a shot of the fire from a hike at RMNP. It was like watching a volcano erupting into the sky.
  14. Remo Gaggi

    Pandemic brings out the best in this hawk fan

    These guys probably find their dates at the zoo.
  15. Remo Gaggi

    [Commitment Watch] Marcus Mbow

    Mbow chicka bow bow.
  16. Remo Gaggi

    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    Selective amnesia is a hallmark symptom of CTE.
  17. Remo Gaggi

    Ferentz's Emphasis on the ISU Game

    But not a team that's just getting some votes, right?
  18. Remo Gaggi

    So, it's now Lincoln's program ...

    Can we please blitz at least once in every defensive series? Hell, if we were playing 10 yards off TCU receivers, why not blitz a corner once in a while? Asking for my wife ...
  19. Remo Gaggi

    If we don't win the Big XII this year...

    Purdy isn't leaving.