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  1. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Lol why can’t we just put a horrible team away? Drives me insane
  2. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    LOL our special teams are so bad
  3. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    I’m torn between sharing RB carries today and just feeding Breece so that the stats gain more national attention which may boost recruiting.
  4. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Missed PAT. Drink.
  5. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Young can lay the STICK, especially for a freshman. Wow
  6. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE vs Kansas Game(Day) Thread ***

    Something about the view of this field hurts my eyes.
  7. ClonesFTW

    A bad B1G defensive weekend

    Now this is going to shock some folks... but the Big Ten West looks awful- again.
  8. ClonesFTW

    Prohm in top 20 of list of college basketball coaches

    Definition of click bait for this board - well done.
  9. ClonesFTW

    Ways to Cook Rabbit

    That’s a whole lotta NOPE
  10. ClonesFTW

    B12 MBB preseason poll ...

    I was actually expecting to come in 9th for preseason poll - so I'll take it.
  11. ClonesFTW

    Wisconsin QB tests positive for Covid

    The issue is that may have worked if they would have started their season in September - but because they gave themselves no room for error by starting late it's becoming a big deal.
  12. ClonesFTW

    Quinn Ewers #1 2022 prospect decommits from Texas

    We play Texas on their senior night - and possibly Herman's last home game ever at Texas. I feel like if there's any hint he's getting canned he's going to throw out the kitchen sink all game like Rhoads did.
  13. ClonesFTW

    Ranking the Big 12 QB's

    Man I was really excited for Scates and Shaw to take the next step this year - hope 1 or both start to come around.
  14. ClonesFTW

    Ranking the Big 12 QB's

    Our coaching staff has done great things with the program so far - but I think it's fair to say they don't have much tolerance for risk in their schemes.
  15. ClonesFTW

    Ranking the Big 12 QB's

    There's certainly a few different aspects going into this; receivers not open, O-line had a couple guys banged up, and Purdy not playing to his potential we've previously seen. He's 100% coming back next year, and that's a good thing. He's not a RB who needs to go get paid ASAP- QB's are...
  16. ClonesFTW

    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    Is this his actual FB account or one of the few fake profiles?
  17. ClonesFTW

    Where is Steele Jantz?

    Pretty sure the last bit of info any of us had was the picture on Instagram with his tow truck. I'm sure he'd be a great interview though if someone found him.
  18. ClonesFTW

    Hulu has dropped regional sports networks, What's available for streamers?

    Directv. Cancel when the promos run out, call back 2 days later before your equipment return is due, start new promo. Repeat every 12 months. Been doing this for 6-7 years now- highly recommend.
  19. ClonesFTW

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Careful- I got 30 dumb ratings for asking the honest question if he’s regressed.